This is how Gloriosa on the warpath/Gale's and Gaia's duet goes in Ryan's and Crash's Adventures of My Little Pony: Equestria Girls - Legend of Everfree.

[Back at the camp docks, Human Rarity is in the middle of her fashion show dress rehearsal]

Evil Ryan: [sighs] What's taking Ryan and Bubsy so long?

Megatron: Same thing for Crash.

James: Not sure but I'm sure they'll be along eventually.

Rigby (EG): I hope they are OK, Odette.

Human Rarity: Where are Twilight, Sunset and the others? [sighs] they're missing our dress rehearsal.

Sci-Ryan: [arrives feeling tired] Boy. I love running.

Human Rainbow Dash: Sci-Ryan? Where are the others?

Lemon Zest: What's up, Ryan?

Sci-Ryan: You see, guys, they're just a bit... you know, held up.

Evil Ryan: By who?

Sci-Ryan: Oh, no one you'd know.

Crash Bandicoot: [arrives] Sci-Ryan. What happened to Ryan?

[Sci-Ryan gasps]

Crash Bandicoot: Maybe you should dress us up in the fasion show.

Human Rarity: I suppose we can get started without them. Whenever you're ready!

[techno pop music]

Crash Bandicoot: Cool music. What outfit you and your sisters got, Adagio?

Adagio Dazzle: Our Welcome To The Show outfits.

Evil Ryan: How did you and your sisters turn to good, Adagio?

Adagio Dazzle: You already know. [sighs] Didn't you even see it happen?

Evil Anna: Matau's bandmates are in thier Fall Formall outfits, Dagi. I hope Ryan is ok.

Adagio Dazzle: Yeah. Me too. I'm sure he's fine.

Aria Blaze: Me too. Ryan is a nice chap. I feel fine with him.

[Matau walks along with Sir Dan (EG) to the steps]

Flain (EG): Scar? You think you and your buddies hope that Ryan will come back?

Scar (EG): I hope so, Flain. My friends will think so as well.

[Meanwhile, Gaia and Gale are nearby. They float towards the camp, the brambles growing behind them]

Snips: They looks... different.

Snails: Yeah. They look.. taller.

Chompy Mage: Maybe I should follow those two. Right, Chompy Puppet?

Chompy Puppet: Let's go see what they are up to, man.

[The Chompy Mage runs to the docks, not noticing Gavine and Nanc-anos are right behind him. Meanwhile]

Human Rarity: This is only a preview. I've got another entire line I'll debut at the real thing.

[Suddenly, a record scratches and the music stops]

Timon: Why did you stop the—? [gasps]

Crash Bandicoot: Is it Dr. Cortex, Timon? [gasps] No way, mate!

Human Rarity: Oh my goodness!

Gaia Everfree: Attention, campers!

Everfree Prince Gale: Surprise!

Trixie: It's Gaia Everfree!

Kaos (Good clone): And her friend Everfree Prince Gale!

Emmet and Flash Sentry: They're real!

Bulk Biceps: [screams] We're doomed!

Doctor Crash: Ryan?!

Timber Spruce: Gloriosa?! What are you and Ryan doing?!

Evil Ryan: That's Ryan and Gloriosa!? Am I losing my mind, Applejack, or their feet not touching the ground?

Human Applejack: Not sure.

Rigby (EG): Wait. [looks at Bubsy in his Gaia Everfree form] Is that... Bubsy!?

Human Pinkie Pie and Matau T. Monkey: Freaky-deaky!

Ex-Terminator: That is very strange.

Everfree Prince Gale: My friend Gaia have an announcement to make!

Gaia Everfree: Filthy Rich wants this to be the last session at Camp Everfree.

Everfree Prince Gale: But, not to worry, my subjects. WE'VE GOT THIS!!!

Dr. Neo Cortex (Skylanders): Ryan? What happened to you and Gloriosa?

Everfree Prince Gale: Ryan and Gloriosa no longer exists. We... are... GAIA EVERFREE AND EVERFREE PRINCE GALE!!

[Crash (EG) screams and hides behind Sci-Ryan]

Sci-Ryan: This is what I didn't want you to find out! The others are trapped in a cave thanks to them!

Crash Bandicoot: What does the rest of you look like, Gale?

Everfree Prince Gale: Me. Only not me.

Jibanyan: I don't know about this outfit, Ryan. I think it's cool.

Everfree Prince Gale: Whatever.

[They begin to make a thorny bramble wall around the camp, Crash and the others jump out of the way as the dock is destroyed in the process]

Dr. Neo Cortex (Skylanders): Come on! Really?! We just literally finished building that!

Human Rainbow Dash: Yeah.

Crash Bandicoot: Welcome to my world.

Sour Sweet: Grrr.

Jet-Vac: Now that runway is destroyed and Bee is still missing. Where could he be?

Crash Bandicoot: Dock, Jet-Vac.

[The song We will stand for Everfree starts playing]

Everfree Prince Gale: We have waited for the day~

Gaia Everfree: To send this greedy wolf away~

Everfree Prince Gale: Now the magic is our salvation~

Gaia Everfree: Gather close in our protection~

Everfree Prince Gale: We... will... stand for Everfree!~

[More brambles grow as he sings]

Sci-Ryan: Wow.

Everfree Prince Gale: Behold the beauty of nature in all it's glory~

Gaia Everfree: No need to fear the vultures at the door~

[Nate Adams runs from the two towards Principle Celestia, Vice Principle Luna and some other students]

Everfree Prince Gale: Right here you have us to protect you~

Within these walls of thorns~

[Brambles grow in front of Celestia, Luna and the students as he sings]

Gaia Everfree: For Everfree, forevermore!~

Matau T. Monkey: Timber. What do we do?

Timber Spruce: The axe and chainsaw. That should cut them down. Come on.

Jibanyan: Let me help out. Paws of Fury! [starts puncheing the brambles]

Matau T. Monkey: Let's do this.

[Matau and Timber grab an axe and chainsaw and starts to cut the brambles]

Everfree Prince Gale: They have come into our domain~

Here to seal our camp in chains~

[The brambles grow back twice as strong as before. Gale's and Gaia's vines stop them cutting them]

Gaia Everfree: But we have held it for generations~

Matau T. Monkey: Master Ryan! Spare me!

Everfree Prince Gale: [nods] This is just a complication~

We... will...~

Everfree Prince Gale and Gaia Everfree: Stand for Everfree!~

[More brambles grow as they sing]

Everfree Prince Gale: Trust in us, this is for your own good~

Don't be afraid~

Nature is our friend~

[Gale uses his magic to grow a flower for Sci-Ryan]

Sci-Ryan: Cool.

Everfree Prince Gale: All of this beauty that surrounds us~

Gaia Everfree: Every lovely bloom~

Designed to defend~

[More brambles grow around the gazebo]

Sci-Ryan: Big finish!

Everfree Prince Gale and Gaia Everfree: Let them come! Just let them try!~

We're not about to say goodbye!~

This camp will be here throughout the ages~

Written into the history pages~

We... will... stand for Everfree!~

[More brambles grow as they sing]

Sci-Ryan: Bravo! Good duet! You did well! Yeah, Gaia and Gale.

Everfree Prince Gale: You like this song, Sci-Ryan?

[Sci-Ryan nods and kneels to Gaia and Gale]

Gaia Everfree: Anyways, we have to save our camp.

Spikewave: Well, I'm not sticking around to hear that groove. Let's help Ryan's friends, Gale.

Flain (EG): Glad I'm a Shadowbolt, Spikewave.

Mal (Total Drama): Ryan! You can't do this!

Everfree Prince Gale: Why not? I know you call me by the name Ryan, Mal. BUT I GOT THIS!!!!

Mal (Total Drama): What?!

Spikewave: You understand how Sci-Twi feel once your friend says piece out. But for now, since we can't have you say sorry to Flain at the Friendship Games, it's time to be better then Morro and clear the dance floor.... and get rid of you.

Everfree Prince Gale: Time to save this camp.

Crash Bandicoot: You think it's Ryan, Nighlock?

Nighlock: N.I.G.H, get me a reading.

N.I.G.H: The energy appears to be coming from the geodes.

Matau T. Monkey: Master Ryan is still a hero, Nighlock.

Nighlock: And I'm not giving up on him.(tackles Everfree Prince Gale)

Everfree Prince Gale: Nighlock! It's me! Ryan!

Nighlock: Ryan? Is that you? How did you become like this?

[Gale nods and points to the geodes on his necklace]

Nighlock: Whoa. Ryan. My buddy. How come you are with Gloriosa?

Everfree Prince Gale: She needed help.

Sci-Ryan: So much of that.

Everfree Prince Gale: Nighlock. I'm still a hero. I'm Ryan.

Nighlock: Only the real Ryan would know the answer to this. What is Ryan's favorite color?

Everfree Prince Gale: Blue.

Nighlock: Okay, so you're Ryan.

Sci-Ryan: What is it?

Meg Griffin: [pulls out her Keyblade] I hope I-Rex sees the power of my Dark Oathkeeper![swings her Keyblade and sends Deadpool flying]

Evil Ryan: There he goes. Bye-bye.

Crash Bandicoot (EG): Ryan? It that really you?

Everfree Prince Gale: Yes, Human Crash. I am the Prime-prince of Friendship Nighlock remembers. My friend Princess Twilight is a princess and not a Prime. I am the new Prime.

Crash Bandicoot: Not that I know of.

Dr. Neo Cortex (Skylanders): Nancy? What have this magic done to you?

Nanc-anos: The name's Nanc-anos now.

Sci-Mike: What happened to Ryan and Gloriosa?

Sci-Ryan: Ryan and Gloriosa are here in those forms, Mike. [hugs Sci-Mike] Shadowbolt POWER!!!!

Everfree Prince Gale: [uses his magic to tie Sci-Mike up. laughs crazily]

Gaia Everfree:

Crash Bandicoot: Ryan! Why are you doing this?

Everfree Prince Gale:

[Timon runs around and avoids Gaia's vines]

Nate Adams: Let me out! LET ME OUT!

Timon: Let me in! Let me in!

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