Go-Rei Knight

The Sword of Justice! Expert of Wisdom! The lion of Courage! Bringer of Hope! Saving the Earth we loved! Go-Rei Knight!


Go-Rei Knight is Team C.A.T.'s Megazord originally named (CardKnight Robo) but was later returned when they battled Harpy FroKong when it attempted to attack London. It fused their vehicles into Go-Rei Knight. It had five components:

Optimus Prime (Torso)
Prowl (Left Arm)
Bulkhead (Back)
Ratchet (Right Arm)
Bumblebee (Legs)

It became their most primary megazord since Daijinoh is their Burst Mode. He's also a friend to Goemon Impact and YatterQueen.

His Sword is the Nekotsumeken (Cat Claw Sword) and His Final Attack is: Super Lightning: 1,000 Claw Cut


The footage of Go-Rei Knight and its original name belong to Flint the Time Detective and its original name is Cardian-Master.

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