Everything is black and white and then Door is Shaking and Ace and his friends has comes out

Wile: Look! There's the Cornerstone of light!

Ace is looking at it and look at he's body

Ace: What the? Why is everything black and white?

Daffy: Well, I think it looks like Um... er...

Wile: Deja Vu?

Daffy: That's right!

Ace: Really, you guys been here before?

Then Sylvestor shows up

Sylvester: Hey, have you seen the Thief?

They pointed at him

Sylvester: Suffering Succotash! Look I have no time with you guys! So, I better go easy on you!

He left

Ace: We found our Thief.

They are chasing him and found him at the Pier

Sylvestor: What's with you guys? You got some kind of bone to pick with me?

Ace: More then one!

Sylvestor: That's fighting word!

He heard the something and he's going to leave

Ace: Not so fast!

Daffy: Yeah!

They are fighting him and they defeated him

Sylvester: That really hurt you guys? Wait... haven't I seen you before?

Ace: Cut it out?

Sylvester heard something and he broke his leg

Sylvestor: Ouch!

Wile: You know something is not quite right. Are you sure, you're Sylvester?

Sylvestor: Of course I am! I was a conductor on Train. So leave me alone. I need to find to guy who stole my Train.

Wile: Oh No. I think we made a mistake to him.

Ace: I think started to think the same thing. He hasn't called any Heartless.

Wile: We're so sorry that we hurt you, Sylvester.

Sylvester: It's okay. My legs are broke. I guess I better go to the Hospital. And you better find my Train!

Ace: Okay!

Sylvester: And my leg is still broke!

They carried him to the Hospital 

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