They went to Professor Snape's Room, and they saw Draco Malfoy use his Wand to the Potion

Harry: Hello, Snape.

Shape: Harry Potter. 50 point for Griffindor for coming into my Office.

Harry: I'm sorry. It won't happen again.

Draco: Snape! How can I put this Potion.

Snape: Just out it down over there.

Draco: Okay.

Then it cause an Explosion on Snape's contraction 

Snape: That's it! 100 Point for Slytherin!

Ron: Looks like he deserve it.

Then Ginny arrived

Harry: Ginny. Are you alright.

Ginny: I'm fine. I need to have some time for today.

Harry: Okay. Rest up for a bit. Just as long as it's ready for Christmas eve.

He left

Ginny: But, Harry.

Harry: I better go to Hogsmeade. I better go pick up Professor Slughorn, right away! See you!

Ace: Go picked up Slughorn?

Ginny: Please, Ace. You have to keep Harry Potter away from Death Eater.

Daffy: You could say that again.

Wile: Ace?

Then Harry came back

Harry: Aren't those the Monster who was with you at the Courtyard?

Ace: Huh? What monster?

Ron: You know, Remember 3 Years ago? What are they called again.... Heartless?

Ace: Definitely not with us. But the rest of us will get rid of them for you. And then we can go to Hogsmeade!

They look at his friends with a serious look

Ace: I mean, defeat the Heartless!

At the Courtyard 

Neville: Get away from me! Leave Hogwarts right now! Can somebody! Anybody! Help me!

Harry: We're here!

Neville: Harry!

They are fighting the Heartless and they did it

Harry: How will professor Slughorn will come back in Hogwarts like this? 

Hermione: That's it! Slughorn needs some helper. Are you up for this task?

Ace: Sure. Of course.


Draco is walk and saw Black Doom

Draco: Who are you? A Wizard?

Black Doom: Enough!

Draco: Who are you?

Black: Hmm... perhaps you could be of use for me. Come with you, now. I'll show ou the true meaning of mischief.

Draco: Sure. I guess.

Back to our Heroes

Harry: All right. Hogsmeade is this way! Fred and George show me the way to Hogsmeade. Follow me!

They went to find the Shortcut 

Harry: This is the Floo Network. All Wizard have to use the Floo Powder to teleport. Wherever they go, they will appear in that location. So I use this at Ron's House. I accidentally say Diagonally. So we have say it clearly.

Ace: Alright! Let's do it!

They use the Floo Powder and they got teleported, and they made it to Hogsmeade 

Ace: Whoa!

Daffy: Wow! So where's Slughorn?

Harry: Over there! Shall we?

They went there and Heartless Appeared

Ace: Here too?!

Harry: Here we go again!

They are fighting and they defeated them

Daffy: Hogsmeade is in grave danger!

Wile: Boy! I hope everybody in Hogsmeade is okay?

Harry: This is where Slughorn is.

They went to that Store

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