This is where Godou fights Athena in Weekenders Adventures of Transformers: Age of Extinction.

Godou: Alright, time to kick your goddess butt!

Athena: We'll see about that!

[Tino, Noby, Sue, and Jack arrives just in time]

Tino: What's going on?

Shaggy: Godou and Athena are having a battle.

Noby: What shall we do?

Sue: I don't know.

Cera: Nothing! We've have no idea!

Godou: Time to dance!

Athena: I would agree!

[Godou and Athen starts fighting]

Athena: HA!! Worthless being you can't defeat me! I'm unstoppable!

Godou: Unstoppable this! AAAAAAARHHH!!!!!!!!

Petrie: We got to do something!

Tino: But how?!

Athena: [kicks Godou] Like I'd said unstoppable.

Athena: And I shall carve your name into my heart (disappears)