Here's when Godou and Erica tell Tino and the others there news in Weekenders Adventures of Transformers: Age of Extinction.

Myron: [notices Erica's pregnant belly] Erica! Your stomach.

[Everyone looks]

Shaggy: It's plump.

Roboko: Wait, are you?

Erica: [nods]

Lor: You mean you're going to have...

Godou: Yes.

Tino: Guys, that's great news! I'm so happy for you!

Erica: Thanks, Tino.

Tohka: I don't belive it! You're gonna be parents! [hugs them]

Star: Why upon my stars? Erica is pregnant?

Tish: Yes she is!

Kim Possible: That's great!

Ron Stoppable: It's more than great! it's stupendous!

Shaggy: There's gonna be a first child of the family!

Scooby: Yeah!

Tohka: When do you think he/she will be born?

Erica: We're not sure Tohka.

Cheer: But still, this is incredible! You 2 are gonna be a mom and dad!

Sonic: That's awesome.

Amy: Yeah, you guys might see me and Sonic married.

Sonic: Uh-oh.

Carver: Now there's something Optimus would love to hear.

Sneech: But, where is he?

Tino: Don't worry, Sneech. I'm sure he and the other Autobots are still looking for Decepticons.

Oopsy: If he was here, we could tell him right now.

Pippo: But it's still fantastic that Erica is pregnant.

Sue: Maybe when she grows up. I can make her be like me.

Godou: Yeah, you can teach her how to escape the Cavalry.

Noby: Oh, don't get started up with that place.

Tish: Why?

Noby: Last time we went there, the evil robots took over that place.

Sue: oh, yeah I remember.

Sneech: Oh yeah I remember.


Godou: Look out!

[dodged the robot's attack]

Tino: Yikes [dodges and sees Sunset Shimmer] SUNSET SHIMMER!!! [saves her]

[flashback ends]

Sue: Yeah, we never gone over that again.

Casper: Let's just forget that happened, okay.

Godou: Right.