This is how Godzilla enters the Game Preserve forest goes in Crash's, Thomas', and Ryan's Super Adventure 2.

[We see our heroes]

[Kuryan whistles]

[He hears something]

Kuryan: Zilla's approaching.

[Ryan hides]

Zilla: ROAR!!!

[Zilla charges]

[Zilla tries to get pass the lightning to enter the Game Preserve forest but he keeps getting hit]

Ryan Tokisaki: Oh man. Could we know Matau destroy Unicron.

[Zilla eventually gives up and starts walking over to the right side of the forest towards a mountain]

[Ryan sighs]

Ryan F-Freeman: That was close.

Umarak the Hunter: Guys, one of my Shadow Spawns says "Godzilla aproaching the forest".

Kuryan: Godzilla?

[We see Godzilla approaching]

Godzilla: ROAR!!!

Crash Bandicoot: Oh my gosh!

[Matau gasps]

[Crash watches on]

[Ryan uses his magic]

[The lightning bolts strike Godzilla's dorsal fins several times and Godzilla absorbs them, growing stronger]

[Sci-Ryan gasps]

[Godzilla roars]

Ryan F-Freeman: Let me handle him.

[Ryan fires his magic]

[Ryan's magic doesn't harm Godzilla]

Ryan F-Freeman: Oh shoot.

[Godzilla's spines glow blue]

Matau T. Monkey: I think he can be powerful.

[Godzilla fires his Atomic Breath, the targets hit]

Ryan F-Freeman: Whoa.

[Godzilla looks at Ryan then goes on]

Godzilla: ROAR!!!

Ryan F-Freeman: Thank Primus.

[Godzilla grabs a broken tree that has Tod and Vixey in it. He lifts it up and Tod and Vixey fall in his left hand. Godzilla drops the tree and looks at them for a minute before moving on with Tod and Vixey still in his hand]

[Ryan faints]

[Crash watches]

[Godzilla wanders through the forest with Tod and Vixey still in his hand]

[Ryan wakes up]

Umarak the Hunter: Wait. You can't start shooting at Godzilla now. He's holding Tod and Vixey in his hand.

[Ryan nods]

Kuryan: I'm sure we can put him to sleep.

Umarak the Hunter: Soma. A perfect idea. We can explode them from above.

Kuryan: Hey that's right.

Umarak the Hunter: You have the berry juice put inside the head of a rocket. The exploding fumes will put him to sleep.

Kuryan: Yes. Matau and Starscream can get some rockets.

Umarak the Hunter: Shadow Spawn.

Shadow Spawn: Yes?

Umarak the Hunter: Get the soma from my bag.

[The Shadow Spawn does what he does]

Thomas: You can't do that. Tod and Vixey are up there.

Umarak the Hunter: Don't worry. It's gonna work fine.

Kuryan: And don't worry. I will teleport them before the lizard falls down. Like I know Copper as well.

Umarak the Hunter: Godzilla can't make a lizard out of us.

[Godzilla roars and looks at Tod and Vixey in his hand. Tod and Vixey gasp. Godzilla stomps a rock]

[Collide hears a roar]

[The ground shakes]

[Back to our heroes]

Umarak the Hunter: Fire the rockets.

[Spikewave salutes and presses a button]

[Three rockets get launched]

[Ryan plays a trumpet]

[The three rockets explode and Soma berry juice falls on Godzilla. Godzilla smells the fumes and yawns]

[Three more rockets get launched and explode and Soma berry juice falls on Godzilla. Godzilla smells the fumes and starts to fall asleep]

[Godzilla falls asleep as Kuryan catches Tod and Vixey]

Thomas: Nice save!

Crash Bandicoot: Zilla's at the mountain.

Umarak the Hunter: Now our only chance is to somehow bring Godzilla and Zilla together. Godzilla vs. Zilla. If we're lucky, we can see the action.

Kuryan: But how can we move Godzilla?





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