The way Going back home goes in Wallace and Gromit's Middle School.

In the Canterlot throne chamber.

Princess Luna: (shows Yuna and Dusty a stained glass window of Yuna and Dusty saving Canterlot)

Princess Yuna: Wow!

Dusty Crophopper: Holy smokes!

Princess Luna: Now everyone and eveypony will always remember you and Dusty Crophopper.

Hiro: and your friendhsip will live on forever and always.

Princess Yuna: Thank you, Mama! Thank you, Papa!

Princess Luna: You deserve it, Daughter.

Snowdrop: Sounds amazing.

Moon Starlight: Beautiful.

It was night time.

Princess Luna: Ready for bed, Girls?

Princess Yuna: Yes, Mama.

Princess Luna: (kisses her daughters) Goodnight, Yuna. Goodnight, Snowdrop. Goodnight, Moon.

Princess Yuna: Goodnight, Mama.

Snowdrop: Goodnight, Luna.

Moon Starlight: Goodnight, Mom.

Princess Luna: (kissing Yuna's forehead) Pleasant dreams.

Princess Yuna: (fell asleep)

                                                                                The End

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