Here is how Going through the tunnel goes in Fantasyland Rescue.

Yuna, Dusty, Duck, Casey Jr. and their friends collected the Jobi logs and arrived at the tunnel.

Princess Yuna: (clear the path with her magic)

Casey Jr.: That's it, Yuna!

Sasha: Keep going!

Train: That's it!

Princess Yuna: How an I doing?

Human Applejack: So far so good. Now, Let's keep goin' through that there tunnel!

Cinderella: Good luck.

In the tunnel.

Doogal: No way.

Dusty Crophopper: Look at those pathways.

Train: Good thing, I had tunnel visions.

Duck: We just have to find a path that leads to Equestria.

Tillie: Look! There are tunnels.

Princess Yuna: Tunnels goes to Equestria, Dreamland, The Island of Sodor, Equestria, Disneyland, Animal Kingdom and other worlds far and wide.

Dusty Crophopper: There's a switch.

Human Rainbow Dash: (straining and panting as she tries to pull the switch but was too heavy) It won't budge.

Train: It would take a can of oil to work.

Human Twilight Sparkle: Good thinking.

Human Cadance: Casey Jr. Do you have a can of oil?

Casey Jr.: I sure do.

Landon: Where's the oil?

Casey Jr.: It's in the toolbox.

Human Cadance: (found the toolbox) Got it. (oiled the switch) That should do it. (pulled the switch and it) It worked!

Human Twilight Sparkle: Way to go, Cadance!

Human Cadance: Nothing to it.

Casey Jr.: Now, Let's head straight to Equestria!

So, They continued on to the tunnel that leads to Equestria.

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