They have arrived in the End of the World

Wile: Whoa, is that all that's left of the world's taken by the Heartless?

Ace: Those world will be restored, if we defeated Mephiles, right?

Daffy: That's right.

Ace: But if we do defeat him. Then all these world will be restored and disconnected, what's gonna happen to this place? And to us?

Daffy: Well... hmm.

Wile: This is the Heartless world. So maybe it will disappeared.

All: What?!

Wile: Don't worry. Even if this will be gone, our hearts ain't goin' nowhere. I'm sure we'll find our friends again. And I just now we will.

Ace: Yeah, you're right.

He look at Lexi's Lucky Charm

Ace: I'll return this. I promised.

They are going find Mephiles and they made it another place

Wile: I wonder where Mephiles went?

Daffy: Dive into the most dangerous place and we'll find him!

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