They made it to the Team Rocket's Lair and they saw Professor Oak, Nurse Joy, Brock, Max, Dawn, May and Officer Jenny nconscious

Gumdramon: Guys! Are you alright?!

Professor Oak: We're fine. We were got knocked out.

USApyon: What happen, Dani?

Nurse Joy: We all went to the Team Rocket's Lair. And then that Black Coated Person just knocked us out.

Officer Jenny: And we Unconscious from him.

Whisper: So where did he go?

Professor Oak: He went downstairs.

They look at the stair

Professor Oak: He is nothing but trouble. And he got Pokemon Ball stone.

Officer Jenny: I don't know why he went there. But he's such a scared person.

Brock: And we need a backup Heroes!

Shoutmon: You mean...

Max: Yes, and did you know someone?!

They bring out their weapon

Max: Oh, I see what you mean.

They went underground

Shoutmon: Aw, man!

Gumdramon: What's wrong?

Shoutmon: This place is making my arm go weak.

Jibanyan: We're are losing our Strength. We need to get the stone fast!


Pikachu is fighting Legendary Pokemon and he defeated them and everybody is Cheering

Ash: Thank! Thank you everyone! Hope you enjoyed it! Come on, Pikachu!

They went to the Team Rocket's Lair

Back to our Hero's

They found a Black Hooded person

????: Huh? What the? You!

He take off his hood, and it was Divermom

Divermom: Wait a minute? Veemon? Dorumon? Hawkmon?

Gumdramon: What?

Shoutmon: What did you say?

Damemon: Pardon me?

Divermom: Guys? Man, talking about being a traitor and all.

Gumdramon: Huh? What are you talking about?

He look at the Instruction 

Divermon: Let me see. "f the Subject fails to respond, use aggression to liberate his true disposition"... Okay. Did they ever pick the wrong Digimon for this one...

Gumdramon: You look blizzard.

He bring out the Stone

All: The Stone!

Komasan: You better give it to us!

Divermon: If you want it? Come and get it.

He use the Stone and he's powers are back and they Began to fight him, and then they defeated him

Divermon: Guys, will you ever come back?

He disappeared 

Shoutmon: That Digimon is a broken record for his voice.

Jibanyan: Look!

He found the Stone laying on the Ground, he picked it up and give it to Gumdramon, and now they got their powers back

Damemon: Come on. Misty is waiting for us.

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