They went outside and saw a Heartless Eaton coming to them, they dodge it and they jump on it. They are fighting it and it has been Defeated, and it's heading to Tigress

Tigress: (Scream)

All: No!

Captain: Tigress!

He saved her life, and the Dragon Heartless is gone

Tigress: You're okay.

Captain: I'm fine.

They look at them, and they both looked blush

Hours Later 

Emperor: Once again, you have saved China again. It would please to reward you. What is it that you wish?

Daffy is gonna have some treasure, Wile and Taz wants Something to eat

Ace: Hm... you say the Black Coat Person can to see you. what did he say something to you?

Emperor: Is that what you want?

Ace: Yeah.

Taz, Daffy Wile look so disappointed 

Emperor: Dragon has crossed our land and left a great web of paths. These dragons would much power, and they are the source of many gifts to both animal and nature. But it would seem someone of evil intend disturbed one of our dragons, and transformed it into what you call a Heartless. It is my belief that this young animal came to warn me of that danger. Then, I could alert and prepare my troops.

Ace: Have you?

Emperor: Ha ha ha. I was about to, but he told me the situation has changed.

Captain: He said "four wise animals" had arrived and they would take care of things.

They look so glad

Ace: That's gotta be Duck. But was he with he's friends too?

Emperor: Not really.

Ace: (Sigh) Well, at least we found him.

Wile: But why was he doing hanging around with the Organization 18 Animals?

Ace: Don't know, don't care. But I'm so glad that he's okay. That's good enough.

Daffy: Yeah, that's good for my Grandson.

Emperor: Now then Tigress. Do you have a request?

Tigress: Yes. I'd.... like.... the..... Captain...

Emperor: Yes, yes, my dear. What is it?

Tigress: Could the captain have a vacation, please?

Emperor: My, I hardly expected such humble request. In this case, I'm afraid I must refuse. Captain Shen's responsibility is to protect the Emperor. And yet, Tigress.

Tigress: Yes.

Emperor: Would you like to serve alongside with Jim and protect me.

Tigress: But...

Emperor: I know, you're from the Jade Palace. But you can help him anytime that you want.

Both: What?

Emperor: Too reeds together are stronger than one. But the choice is to be alone.

Tigress: Thank you, your excellency!

Ace whip his tear and he's friends are Cheering him up, they are Look happy

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