This is how the Golden King's grievances and Fusing Cocoonis with Energon goes in Knock Out's and the Golden King's Energon Changeling Mayhem.

[The Nemesis flies through the sky]

Golden King: [sighs] Oh, will my torment never end. First, I had to fight for Megatron's favour against that treacherous harpy Airachnid. Now, I must contend with Starscream and his encouragable beast.

Knock Out: Oh, look on the bright side, Golden King. At least one of them is currently on ice, locked up tight in the vault of our warship.

Golden King: Oh, how I would love to stuff Starscream and his mangy abomonation right into that stasis pod beside her. The only reason his project "Screaming Death Warm Up" is currently in full swing is because I supervise the aquisition of his dozens of dragon soldiers.

[Ryan arrives]

Ryan F-Freeman: Hi, guys.

Golden King: [to Knock Out] Will you please keep your lab rat quiet while I'm airing my grievances?

Ryan F-Freeman: Lab Rat? I was about ask you what's the matter.

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