"Good Morning" is a musical number performed by Peter Griffin, Cleveland Brown, Glenn Quagmire and Joe Swanson.


All:: Good Morning, Good Morning  

Cleveland: It's great to stay up late  

All: Good Morning, Good Morning, to you  

Peter: When the band began to play,the stars were shining bright  

Quagmire: But now the milkman's on his way, It's too late to say goodnight  

Joe: SO SAY GOOD MORNING!  Quagmire: AHH! [Sobbing]  Good morning, sunbeams will soon smile through

All: Good morning, good morning, to you  

Stewie: Nothing could be grander than to be in Louisiana, in the morning, in the morn.. Oh sorry, I thought we were still going.

Thomas and Twilight Sparkle's Adventures of Charlotte's Web


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