Here is how Good ol Wilbur's great with Foals and Playing with the Babies goes in Adventures in Foal-Sitting.

At the Gala.

Princess Luna: (thinking about Yuna) I wonder how Yuna's doing in Skylands.

Titanic: I'm certain your daughter has enjoyed her kingdom.

Princess Luna: I suppose you're right, Titanic.

Flash Sentry: Isn't this gala great, Twilight?

Twilight Sparkle: (reflecting her mane) It sure is, Flash.

Shining Armor: Even Skyla did well at her own kingdom in Pangea.

Princess Cadance: It was the happiest day for her.

Britannic: I think it's time we open our own banquet in Hogwarts Castle.

Titanic: And to honor Yuna.

Olympic: Impressive idea.

Titanic II: And we'll invite our dear friends.

Kyrippos II: I for one would like to be here, Princess Titanic.

Titanic: I'm glad you think so Kyrippos.

Hiro: I wonder if Yuna took her responsibility seriously in Skylands.

Princess Luna: I'm certain that she'll do fine, Hiro my husband.

Back at Skylands.

Princess Lilly Sparkle Rose: (rolls the dice) Seven.

Human Twilight Sparkle: (dressed in her Rainboom outfit) Let's see who's gonna win.

Princess Twila: (rolls the dice) Yes, I'm almost to my goal!

Dog Spike: How does she do that?

Human Twilight Sparkle: No idea, Spike.

Princess Twila: I'm gonna win now.

Dog Spike: Not for long. (rolls the dice)

Princess Twila: (rolls the dice) Yes! I won Dungeons and Dragons!

Human Twilight Sparkle: Congratulations, Twila.

Princess Twila: Thanks.

Human Twilight Sparkle: Let's try something else.

With Emerald and Human Rarity.

Emerald: (dressed in her dress and hat)

Human Rarity: (dressed in Peacock Feather Dress, Hat and the pair of Emerald Shoes)

Emerald: (dressed in same as Human Rarity dressed)

Human Rarity: (dressed in Cheetah Fur Ivory Coat, Hat and the pair of Ruby Shoes)

Emerald: (dressed in same as Human Rarity dressed)

Human Rarity: (dressed in Pioneer Outfit and the pair of Alligator Hiking Boots)

Emerald: (dressed in same as Human Rarity dressed)

Human Rarity: (dressed in Anaconda Scale ivory Dress and the pair of Sapphire Shoes)

Emerald: Dressing is fun. Your shoes looked very pretty and awesome!

Human Rarity: (reflecting her shoes)

With Golden Apple and Human Applejack.

Golden Apple: I'm ready, AJ!

Human Applejack: Alrighty, Golden Apple! Hold On! (turns on the Mechanical Bull)

Golden Apple: Yee-Haw!

Human Applejack: Ya havin' fun, Goldie?

Golden Apple: I sure do, AJ!

Human Applejack: That's Good!

With Thunder Spectrum, Sunbeam, Blue Star and Human Rainbow Dash.

Human Rainbow Dash: (kicking the soccer ball up)

Thunder Spectrum: Wow!

Blue Star: How long can she go like this?

Sunbeam: I don'g know.

Human Rainbow Dash: That's 75 times. Let's see how you squirts beat my record.

Thunder Spectrum: (kicking the soccer ball up 100 times)

Human Rainbow Dash: Way to go, Thunder.

Sunbeam: (kicking the soccer ball up 200 times) How'd I do?

Human Rainbow Dash: Pretty good, Sunbeam.

Blue Star: (kicking the soccer ball up 175 times) I'd almost at Sunbeam's record.

Human Rainbow Dash: That's a great try you three did.

Thunder Spectrum: Thanks, Rainbow Dash.

With Arachna, Dragonsly and Human Fluttershy.

Arachna: Hello, animals.

Dragonsly: We're here to get you fed.

Human Fluttershy: (bringing out the food and water dish)

Dragonsly: Here Winoa!

Winona: (barks)

Opal: (meows)

Human Fluttershy: Here you go, Peewee. (gives him food and water)

Peewee: (screech)

Arachna: We're finish, Fluttershy.

Human Fluttershy: Very good, Girls. Now let's go look at the stars.

With Brownie, Red Beret and Human Pinkie Pie.

Brownie: Pinkie! You're making a mess!

Human Pinkie Pie: (sees the boot prints) Oops, Sorry. Let's get this place cleaned up and then we'll have a party together.

Red Beret: Good idea, Pinkie.

So, They got this place cleaned up.

Human Pinkie Pie: Now, Let's Party!

Red Beret: Yes!

Brownie: Alright!

With Yuna, Snowdrop and Human Sunset.

Princess Yuna: We're ready, Tigatron. What's the first thing on our survival training?

Tigatron: Each of you must make it across this River without being attack by Anacondas and Caimans.

Airazor: Yuna, You go first and then Snowdrop and then Sunset.

Tigatron: Yuna, You first.

Princess Yuna: I'm done.

Airazor: Your turn, Snowdrop.

Snowdrop: I did it!

Tigatron: You're last, Sunset.

Human Sunset Shimmer: Finished at last.

Tigatron: Very good. Now, Let's take a brake for a while.

Meanwhile, At Yuna's Kingdom.

Wilbur the Albatross: Where's Isamu...? There he is!

Prince Isamu: (laughs)

Wilbur the Albatross: Where's Sebeena...? There she is!

Sebeena: (laughs)

Wilbur the Albatross: Where's Indy and Anna...? There they are!

Prince Indy and Princess Anna: (laughs)

Wilbur the Albatross: Peek-a-Boo! I see you!

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