Here is how the chase with the Taxi Cab and the Zoo went in Emerald's Grand Day Out.

Meanwhile, Arthur and Cecil were searching for Emerald in Manehattan.

Arthur: I tell ya, Cec. This baby kidnapping thing is getting out of wing around here. What'll we do now?

Cecil: Think about if for a sec, Artie. If you were a baby, Where would you be?

Arthur: (spotted Emerald coming out from under the stroller) Over there!

Cecil: Well, That was quick.

Arthur: Come on!

The two buzzards flew after Emerald who is stowing away inside the Taxi Cab.

Baby Emerald: (giggles)

Meanwhile, Goofy spotted Emerald inside the Cab.

Goofy: You guys go on ahead. I got a Taxi to take!

Mickey Mouse: Come on, Oswald!

Oswald the Lucky Rabbit: Right behind you, Brother!

Goofy: Follow that Taxi Cab, Benny!

Benny the Cab: You got it, Goofy. Old on to your fanny!

So, They took off after the Taxi Cab where Emerald was in. Benny saw it stopped right to the Zoo.

At the zoo, Benny dropped off Goofy as he goes after Emerald but fell into the ditch. Soon enough, Emerald crawls to the Ape Room as Donald and his Uncles, Ludwig Von Drake and Scrooge McDuck gone after her.

Baby Emerald: (wonders into the cage of the gorilla)

Emerald took a bite at one of the gorilla's fresh fruits.

Gorilla: (sharing it's banana)

Donald Duck: Uncle Ludwig! Uncle Scrooge! I found her!

Ludwig Von Drake: Well spotted, Donald.

Scrooge McDuck: Careful now, that gorilla looks very protective. We'll just have wait until it's occupied.

Arthur and Cecil found Emerald as the Gorilla tries protecting her.

Baby Emerald: (giggles)

Arthur: Take it easy, Big fella. We don't want any trouble.

Cecil: Yeah, (trying to reach Emerald) We're just here for the kid.

Gorilla: (slaps Cecil's wing)

Baby Emerald: (laughs)

Arthur: Are you okay, Cec?

Cecil: Yeah, Artie. I'm fine. (offers a banana) Hungry?

Gorilla: (grabs Cecil and beats him up)

Baby Emerald: (crawls out of the doorway to the open space and out of the enclosure)

Arthur: Hang in there, Cecil.

Cecil: I'm hanging, Arthur!

Gorilla: (grabs Arthur beating him and Cecil up)

Emerald went to the construction site.

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