This is how Gordon's pranking spree goes in 28 Train-Pranks Later.

[The next day, the engines gather at Tidmouth Sheds to discuss Gordon's pranking habits]

Gordon: I mean, how could you not appreciate that?

Ryan F-Freeman: Because they don't think being scared is very fun!

Matau T. Monkey: My twin and I agree, Master Ryan.

Percy: I do! Your heart gets all racy, your axels get all tingly, your mouth gets all dry! Actually, I don't like that part. But the rest is great!

Cody Fairbrother: I don't know if Gordon goes around as Gaia Everfree.

Gordon: See? Everybody likes a good prank! They're just jokes!

James: Now, Gordon, I don't think Henry and Edward would have called us all here to talk about this if they thought it was funny. Everybody has things they like and things they don't.

Toby: And scarin' Henry and Edward is just lazy.

Gordon: [scoffs] Lazy?!

Ryan F-Freeman: A prank isn't very good if you're the only one laughing.

Percy: But what if it's really, really, really, really, really funny?

Gordon: And I can do funny.

Thomas: I know you can. I guess the trick is making sure that your idea of funny matches the engine or pony you're pranking.

Gordon: [stifling giggle]

Ryan F-Freeman: That way....

[pronouned fart noise]

Gordon: [giggling]

Percy: [stifled giggle]

[As Thomas comes out his shed with a whoope cushion on his buffer, Ryan glares at Gordon]

Gordon and Percy: [laughing]

Percy: Good one, Gordon! Ha-ha! You have to admit! That was funny!

Cody Fairbrother: Not really.

Predaking: Yeah. A whoopee cushion is like a joke shortcut.

Gordon and Percy: What?!

James: Honestly, Gordon, if you are not willing to put forth the effort required to pull a prank that everybody can enjoy, you may as well not pull one at all.

Gordon: Fine! If you guys want effort, then that's just what you'll get.


Crash Bandicoot: Now you'll see that Gordon's pranks aren't as funny as he thinks.

Agent 9: I think he's doing what Rainbow Dash is doing. General Gato and I are sure.

[Crash looks down at a present with a note on it]

Crash Bandicoot: "For a special friend". Who could it be? Ivy?

[Princess Ivy turns it over and it says "Crash Bandicoot"]

Crash Bandicoot: Ohh. It's for me!

[Crash starts to open the present and then he is smacked with a pie in the face]

Crash Bandicoot: [growls] Gordon!

Gordon: Gotcha! You like that pie?[laughs]

[The others, except Percy, glare at him]

Gordon: I'm sorry. Wanna sniff my flower?

[Sheila nods and leans over to sniff the flower but gets sprayed with water]

Sheila: Gordon!

Crash Bandicoot: The old water-squirting flower trick.

[Gordon then puffs away to play more pranks]

Thomas: I'm not sure he understood what we meant.

Ryan F-Freeman: [picks up a remote] What's that do? [presses a button]

[Then giant Dalek models dump out of a box onto Crash]

Thomas: GORDON!!

Crash Bandicoot: Ouch.

Dalek model: Exterminate!

Emmet: These are a bit like a world seeking demon boy. [to Cody] No offence.

Cody Fairbrother: None taken.

[Later, James returns to Rarity's workshop]

Matau T. Monkey: Ok, Rarity. Your sister is ready for the Filly Guide Energon and Cookie Drive.

Rarity: Yes, Matau. We know she's excited about the Filly Guide Energon and Cookie Drive, but I still have to do a few finishing touches on her uniform.


Sweetie Bell: [lips smacking] Hmm. Not bad.

Matau T. Monkey: Huh. [reading] "You asked for it"? I think I won't eat this. [looks at the camera] The cake is a lie sometimes.

James: Hmm. I assume this is Gordon's idea of a prank, which can only mean he's rigged some kind of booby trap to your sister's Filly Guide uniform up there.

Matau T. Monkey: So how do we get it down?

James: We don't. If Gordon thinks I'm going to fall for whatever he's got in mind, he's got another thing coming. There's more uniforms where that one came from! Rarity?

Rarity: On it, James.


Matau T. Monkey: What the?!

Sweetie Belle: Hmm. The sewing machine cake tastes even better than the cake cake.

Matau T, Monkey: GORDON!!!!!

Gordon: [laughs] Gotcha! Ha-ha! How's that for effort?

Matau T. Monkey: I will get you for this.

[Meanwhile, Ryan and the Dazzlings are watching Toby talk to Applejack]

Ryan F-Freeman: Where are the Predacons, Adagio?

Adagio Dazzle: They're trying to find a spot where they can keep watch for Gordon.

Ryan F-Freeman: Yup. If that fails, we can sing to Gordon.

Aria Blaze: Uh, that's not what happens in 28 Pranks Later.

Ryan F-Freeman: It's ok, Aria. There's no song in this. That's cool. [kisses Aria on the cheek]

[Aria blushes]

Ryan F-Freeman: What? Aria?

[Aria points at Ryan]

Toby: Ok. This will work.

[That night, Toby is in his shed]

Ryan F-Freeman: You think you got a crush on me or are we friends, Aria?

[Aria shrugs and the Predacons find a perfect spot to keep watch. The next day, Toby wakes up and finds himself in Applejack's pig pen, his plan having failed and the Predacons are caught in a net]

Gordon: [laughs] Gotcha! [puffs away]

Toby: Gordon!

Ryan F-Freeman: [with his eyes glowing green] I really am getting fed up with this.

[Gordon's next stop is Theodore Tugboat who is bringing a cargo ship into the Big Harbor]

Evil Ryan: You think our siren singing is like your horn?

[Evil Anna giggles]

Bertram T. Monkey: What's so funny, Evil Anna?

Theodore Tugboat: A little bit.

[Bertram looks at Evil Ryan and Evil Anna and then Gordon jumps out scaring Theodore]


Evil Ryan: OOWW![coughs]

Evil Anna: Theodore didn't hit you silly. Theodore hit the ship.


Evil Ryan: Oh. What ship did he hit?

Bertram T. Monkey: The one he was bringing in.

Gordon: [comes out of hiding] Gotcha! [puffs away]

Evil Ryan: Grrr. He's getting on my nerves, friends.

[Bertram and Evil Anna nod with their eyes glowing. Later]

Cody Fairbrother: Better get your guitar tuned-up before band practice, Sunset.

Sunset Shimmer: Okay.

Cody Fairbrother: Good luck.

[Sunset Shimmer goes to pick up her guitar only to find it replaced with a lot of strings]

Gordon: Gotcha! [puffs away]

Cody Fairbrother: Gordon... What?

Sunset Shimmer: He really gets on my pip sometimes.

Cody Fairbrother: Yep.


Ratchet: Hmm. Maybe I should put away Bee's old broken wheels.

[He turns and sees that the wheels have been replaced with black balls painted to look like wheels]

Ratchet: Gordon!

Gordon: Gotcha! [puffs away]

[At the LEGO Movie world]

Jessica Fairbrother: Let's see if we can build something.

[But the LEGO bricks have been replaced with real bricks]

Emmet: Gordon!

Gordon: Gotcha! [puffs away]

Batman (The LEGO Movie): Grrr.

Jessica Fairbrother: It's ok, Batman. My grandfather got pranked too.

[At the Dieselworks]

Diesel: [humming I'm Full of Surprises]



Diesel: [spits] Gordon!

Gordon: Gotcha! [puffs away]

Brian the Crocodile: Let me help ya, Diesel.

[At Rainbow Dash's house]

Rainbow Dash: Cool.


Rainbow Dash: [coughs] Grrr.

Gordon: Gotcha! [puffs away]

Rainbow Dash: [sarcastically] Ha-ha! Very funny, Gordon!

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