Gordon, Waffle, and Mr. Blik's Adventures of The Wild Thornberrys Movie is the second Catscratch crossover by P1103. It will appear on Google Drive in the future.


Gordon, Waffle, and Mr. Blik, along with their new friend, Bonkers T. Bobcat, are on vacation to Africa until they finally meet Eliza Thornberry (who can speak to animals) and her Thornberry family. Together they must save a kidnap young cheetah cub named Tally, and also save the herd of Elephants from two evil poachers named Bree and Sloan Blackburn, whom The Chumpy Chumps work for.

It's up to the feline foursome to save these animals from the fate of being captured by poachers.


Bonkers will guest star in this film.

The Chumpy Chumps will make subsequent appearances in this series.

Hovis makes a cameo in this film.

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