Here is the transcript of Gordon & Waffle's Adventures of The Wild Thornberrys Movie.

Opening and meeting Eliza and Darwin 

(Somewhere in Nairobi)

Eliza Thornberry: (narrating) I'm Eliza Thornberry part of your average family. I've got a dad and a mom and a sister. There is Donnie we've found him. And Darwin he found us. We travel all over the world. You see my dad host this nature show and my Mom shoots it. And along the way something amazing happened, I freed a warthog who was really Shaman. Shaman Mnyambo. He granted me the power to talk to animals. It's really cool, but totally secret. And that was totally the beginning of my biggest adventure.

(A large title shows Gordon & Waffle's Adventures of The Wild Thornberrys Movie)

(Later we see Akaela chasing some Gazelles. Then we see Gordon, Waffle, and their friends riding in the Shellraiser.)

Garfield: How long is it till we get to Nairobi anyways? I need some Lasagna....

Gordon: A quarter-mile, lad!

Simon (Gear): By the way, is it a good idea to drive this environmental nightmare through the fragile African ecosystem?

(Cut to Gordon and Waffle, who both look puzzled)

Gordon & Waffle: Uhhh, no?

(Meanwhile, not so far from the Shellraiser, Eliza is playing with some elephants with Darwin)

Eliza Thornberry: And now, Phaedra the Magnificent, will walk the circle of destiny!

(Phaedra rears up and trumpets, almost knocking Darwin off)

Darwin: Circle of destiny, indeed. (climbs back up) Pee-yew! Eliza, your friend stinks! And look at those tusks! They can poke an eye out.

Eliza Thornberry: Darwin, chill. Phaedra, can you take us around that tree?

Phaedra: Sure. Hey, here's how our moms make us go. They nudge the back of our necks with their trunks.

Eliza Thornberry: Like this. (She touches Phaedra's neck)

Phaedra: Yes, and if she wanted us to turn around, she just nudge one side.

(Eliza kicks Phaedra's right ear slightly and Phaedra turns around)

Eliza Thornberry: Oh Cool. (The two got off Phaedra's back)

(The Shellraiser stops uncontrollably)

Eliza: Poachers!

(The team steps out, as the darkness of the now-powered off Shellraiser shrouds them)

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