Tiff: Hello, i-is anyone there? Kirby? Kirby, where are you? It’s me, Tiff!

She saw Ace and she ran off and Ace followed her

Tiff: Ah! What do you want from me? I didn't to... I'm sorry.

Ace: Don't be scared, you're looking for Kirby, right?

Tiff: You know, Kirby? Phew. Oh! I almost forgot, you see, I have something for Kirby! I have to take it to him right away!

She saw Him

Tiff: Kirby!

Kirby: Poyo.

Tokkori: You're right, Kirby. It's smell like... Apples.

Tiff: Kirby! Tokkori!

Kirby: Poyo! Poyo!

Tokkori: Well I'll be a Perry of wings, Tiff! It's you?

Tiff: I'm so glad to see you. Both of you, I thought you were both gone away. And for that I brought something for you.

She give him a Balloon

Kirby: Poyo!

Tokkori: Looks like he likes it. So, he can get those Apples.

Tiff: How can you tell?

Tokkori: All he needs to do is to get those Apples and eat them all.

Tiff: But, what if the Waddles saw you, taking all the Apple? Doesn't that mean, you cannot fight while you're eating?

Kirby: Poyo...

Tokkori: Okay, what should we do?

Ace came

Tiff: If you could only leave those Waddles alone from Kirby. He can get some apples. Would you help him?

Ace: Okay.

Meta-Knight appeared with Sword and Blade

Tiff: Meta-Knight, Sword, Blade. Great to see you.

Meta-Knight: Hello, Tiff. What are you doing, Kirby? Using that Balloon to get some Apples? That's Nice. Allow me to offer a few pointers.

He's gonna help him

Meta-Knight: Now, Kirby can get some Apples by floating up the Balloon. All the Apples are hanging around the Tree, Not Waddles.

He look at the Trree

Meta-Knight: That's quite a lot of Apples around the Tree. If Kirby get so close, Waddles will come out and fight him. If they get to close to Kirby, they'll rpop his Balloon. Lock onto to the Waddles and scared them away. The more time Kirby has at each Apples, the more Apples he can eat. There's more Apples higher up, too. If jumping from beaches to branch proves difficult try rushing it. You should rush and catch up to Kirby quickly. But it isn't fully reliable. Good Luck.

Ace is helping him and he fight the Waddles, Kirby is eating all the Apples and he's so happy

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