Grandma's Lullaby is a song from The Land Before Time 4: Journey Through The Mists.


The circle of life
Is simple yet profound
A quite straight forward line
That goes around and round and round

It starts at the beginning
And it will never end
And that to me
Must surely be
Life's secret, my friend

For the circle of life
Continues every day
None of us can stop it
From going on its way
With each new generation
One more circle is complete

On and on and on
It goes repeating

It nurtures the young'
Until they're fully grown
And soon life's magic circle
Brings them children of their own

The family of nature
Each husband and wife
Enhances the circle
The ever-widening circle
The wonderful circle of life
Good night, my little one.

The Dragon Bots: Revenge of the Fallen American Lion


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