Grandma Carmen

Grandma Carmen is an elderly, gray-turquoise elephant and the grandmother to Kimmy the Elephant and Jenny the Elephant.  She is a recurring character in The FT Squad's Adventures Series who made her debut appearance in The FT Squad's Adventures in Dumbo.  She is an original character created by Kylgrv.


While not much is known about Grandma Carmen's past, it can be assumed that she lived in the same neighborhood as her son, daughter-in-law, and her two granddaughters, Kimmy and Jenny.  What is known is that she studied and examined elephants for most of her life.  She also used to go to the local zoo with her granddaughter Kimmy, who also loved elephants, a lot of times.

During Kimmy's time in Future Time Travel, she met and became great friends with other Future Time Travel students, Kyle, Rudy, Dennis and Cassidy.  She became best friends with Kyle and Cassidy, and whenever she had the opportunity to come home to see her family, she'd bring Kyle and Cassidy alongside her.  Carmen appreciated their company and even considered them as family members by heart.  

After a long time of training, Kimmy and her friends graduated and earned the opportunity to travel to different worlds.  They did so, but this left Jenny very lonely and sad.  It can be assumed that Carmen was there to comfort her, but this sadness was short-lived when Future Time Travel's authorities, Commander Atom and Kendall invited Jenny to attend the society.  Jenny agreed, but Atom and Kendall also allowed Carmen and her son and daughter-in-law to attend, so that Jenny would have family by her side.  During this time, Carmen and Jenny met Heather, Matt and Scott, who became fast friends with them.  After a long time, they all succeeded in training and earned the privilege to go to different worlds.  Carmen accompanied Jenny and her friends when they wanted to see Dimension 3, and they took the forms of animals after hearing of the adventures Kimmy and her team have been through, one of which involved them taking the forms of animals to fit in with the Lake Hoohaw community.  Carmen took the form of a gray-turquoise elephant with a safari hat.  


  • As mentioned above, Grandma Carmen debuted in The FT Squad's Adventures in Dumbo.
  • It's unknown who Carmen's son and daughter-in-law are, but it's likely they'll appear in the series and reunite with the two daughters.

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