This is how Green Troll attacks and Spider-Mare rescues Twilight goes in My Little Pony: Spider-Mare.

[We see a celebration going on]

[We then see Thorax wandering around, taking pictures]

[We see a singer singing for the festival]

[Thorax senses something as everyone cheers for something in the sky]

[The board members get suspicious]

Board Member 1: What is that?

Board Member 2: Must be new this year.

[Upon further inspection, they recognize the aircraft]

Board Member 3: That's our glider.

[The board members grow worried]

Spike: What is that?

[Evil cackling is heard]

[Thorax becomes worried]

[Everyone looks to the sky]

[Green Troll laughs maniacally]

[Everyone is shocked at this]




Green Troll: Out, am I?!

[Green Troll throws a bomb that kills the board members]

[The explosion also destroys part of the balcony]

[Green Troll appears before Twilight]

Green Troll: Hello, my dear.

[Twilight screams]

Citizen: It's Spider-Mare!

[Spider-Mare swings into action]

Green Troll: Huh?

[Spider-Mare kicks him away and the battle begins]

[Green Troll is knocked off his glider]

[Green Troll's glider crashes into a balloon]

Spider-Mare: Come on, move kid.

[He moves a kid out of the balloon's path]

[Spider-Mare turns to Troll]

[Green Troll gets up and is surrounded by guards]

Guard: Hold it right there!

Green Troll: I surrender!

Spider-Mare: Oh boy.

Guard: Hold it right there!

[Green Troll takes out the guards]

[Spider-Mare punches him]

Green Troll: Impressive.

[Green Troll kicks him]

[Spider-Mare punches and kicks him repeatedly]

[Spider-Mare finishes Green Troll]

[He damages Troll's glider when he hears Twilight]

[He sees her hanging on for dear life]

Twilight Sparkle: Help me!

Spider-Man: Twilight!

Twilight Sparkle: Help me, please!

[Spider-Mare swings in to rescue her]

[He then throws the glider with Troll on it]

Green Troll: We'll meet again, Spider-Mare!

[Green Troll flies away to repair his glider]

[Spider-Mare swings to Twilight]

[Twilight falls and Spider-Mare catches her]

[Spider-Mare holds her tight as he swings away with her]

[Spider-Mare and Twilight land on a roof top]

Twilight Sparkle: Thanks.

Spider-Mare: [to Twilight] Well beats taking the subway. [to some citizens] Don't mind us. She just needs to use the stairs.

[Spider-Mare prepares to swing away when Twilight stops him]

Twilight Sparkle: Wait. I didn't catch your name.

Spider-Mare: You know who I am.

Twilight Sparkle: I do?

Spider-Mare: Your friendly neighborhood Spider-Mare.

[He swings off]

[Twilight follows his moves with her eyes]

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