This is how Gregorio turns Minion into a Foogle goes in Thomas and Twilight Sparkle's Adventure with Spy Kids.


MINION: Gentlemen... your army marches to meet us as we speak. Your faith and your patience... have meant more than you know. I speak for Mr. Floop when I say that the value... we place on partnership is--

FLOOP: Minion! This is Floop. Please report to the robotics lab at once. We have huge, major, big-time problems with the robots.

LISP: I thought you said Floop wasn't here.

MINION: He's not.

FLOOP: A problem, Mr. Minion, as in mucho grande problemo.

MINION: I'm gonna... just be a moment.

In the mutanting room.

FLOOP: Minion!

MINION: Floop? Where are you?

FLOOP: Behind you.

MINION: [turns around and sees Juni] What do you think you're doing? You're supposed to be in line with the others.

Juni: [Using Minion's voice] You're supposed to be with the others.

MINION: Stop that. 

Juni: [Using Minion's voice] Stop that!

MINION: Stop that this instant! 

Juni: [Using Minion's voice] Stop that this instant!

MINION: Stop that right now!

Juni: Or what?

MINION: No. [turns around and sees Gregorio, who takes off his moustache] Clever boy you've got there, Cortez. Very clever indeed.

Gregorio: Yes. He gets that from his mother. [Ingrid comes up]

MINION: Can I offer some sort of truce in exchange for your daughter?

Carmen: [comes up] Spoken for.

MINION: There you are. Didn't see you. Didn't see her. [Gregorio throws Minion into the tableYaah!

Gregorio: I am going to show you what happens... when you cross the line and involve family.

INGRID: [chains him] Now let's get nice and comfortable.

Gregorio: [making a claw model of Minion] Yes. [Sets down the model which has with three extra heads]

Floop: Promising.

Gregorio: Thank you.

MINION: You couldn't possibly.

Gregorio: No, but you can. [Hands Minion the remote] Don't let go, Ingrid. Hey, you two, come on. [they all leave]

MINION: Fools. [Lets go of the button] Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha! [Gets turned into a Foogle]

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