Grimlord is the main antagonist in Pooh's Adventures of VR Troopers and one of Bowser's newest allies. His human alter ego is billionare Karl Ziktor, owner of Ziktor Industries. Many years ago, Grimlord was responsible for the capture of scientist Tyler Steele, and the near death of Professor Horatio Hart, forcing Hart to remain in virtual reality to stay alive. Grimlord, during the same measures taken above, also accessed a source of Tyler's and Hart's experiments in Inter-reality travel, and gained the incredible powers required to access cyberspace.

Upon arriving in Virtual Reality, Grimlord soon assembled a fierce army of mutants and cyborgs commanding them from a place of authority. He also appointed several mutants and cyborgs as authority figures themselves including General Ivar and Colonel Icebot. His first fortress in the first season was the Virtual Dungeon.

Like the Troopers, Grimlord has the ability to travel between both realities on a regular basis. He uses a transference orb placed on the desk of his office and chants, "Forces of Darkness, empower me! Take me back to my virtual reality!" The orb sends a current of energy into his body, changing his physical appearance. Upon transformation, he is taken to the throne room of his command center.

Like most heartless supervillains, Grimlord cared very little for his army and henchmen, and generally loses patience with them quite easily when they report a complication or failure. His constant defeats by the Troopers causes a frequent irradiation in enraged eyes and a clenched fist at the conclusion of every episode.

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