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Grindor is one of the Decepticons who is briefly seen in Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen.

In Revenge of the Fallen

Ordered by The Fallen to capture Sam Witwicky for the information that the AllSpark had imprinted in his mind, Megatron led Starscream and Grindor to Earth, waiting for the human boy to be flushed out by one of their agents. Grindor captured the humans' escape vehicle and brought it to an abandoned industrial facility where Starscream and Megatron were waiting. While Grindor waited outside, Megatron and Scalpel interrogated the boy, preparing to extract the information by removing his brain, a process that was interrupted by the arrival of Optimus Prime and Bumblebee. Optimus briefly fought off Megatron and Starscream before escaping with Sam into the woods.

Megatron followed, but soon called for his soldiers to assist. Grindor played little part in the opening attack, grabbing the Autobot leader and sawing into his face before being knocked away, but eventually gathered on the outnumbered and outgunned but defiant Optimus Prime. The Autobot leader immediately unsheathed both battle blades and attacked the Decepticons, cutting off Grindor's right arm, slashing into his chest, sending some of Starscream's artillery his way and throwing his right battle blade into the Decepticon's leg. Badly hurt, Grindor required some downtime before he could rejoin the battle, during which Optimus stabbed Megatron and knocked off Starscream's arm.

Grindor was just pulling out the deenergized blade Prime had swung into him when the Autobot unleashed his Energon Hooks and jabbed it into his optic, using the leverage to pull himself onto the Decepticon. Once on top, Prime then struck another hook into Grindor, then proceeded to tear his head apart, killing Grindor. As he pushed the lifeless hulk to the ground, Optimus contemptuously commented on the material Grindor was made of. (Tin, to be specific)


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