This is the transcript of Grooming Furfrou in Team Robot In Pokemon XY The Series.

(The episode begins with a woman gently trying to brush a Furfrou but it runs off)

Jessica: Wait please!

(She gets up and goes after Furfrou. Now we cut to Bonnie, T.K. and Patamon watching the fountain)

Clemont: Bonnie!

Matt Ishida: T.K.!

Bonnie: Coming!

T.K. Takaishi: Wait up!

Clemont: You're going to get lost if you keep wondering off.

Bonnie: I'm fine!

Clemont: (Sighs)

Koichi Kimura: She never knew stop acting like that.

(Then Bonnie sees a Furfrou)

Patamon: Look at that.

Ash Ketchum: Wow, I never seen that Pokémon before.

Clemont: That is a Furfrou.

Ash Ketchum: Furfrou? (He picks up Pokédex and analyzes Furfrou)

Ash's Pokédex: Furfrou, the Poodle Pokémon. Furfrou were assigned the task of protecting kings who ruled the Kalos Region in ancient times.

Agumon: It's a normal type Pokémon.

Ash Ketchum: It looks different from the one in the Pokédex.

Ed: Why is that Furfrou different?

Double-D: You see, Ed. They change like that because they went to the Groomer.

Serena: There's a really famous Pokémon Groomer in this town, look at this.

Ash Ketchum: Pokémon Groomer?

Eddy: What do they do to Pokémon?

Serena: There like hair dressers for Pokémon, in the world of Pokémon Groomers he a superstar! Wish I can meet him.

Bonnie: Yeah, I wish I can meet him too.

(Suddenly a Furfrou jumps out of the bushes)

???: (Off-screen) Look out!

(A purple gravity grabs Bonnie before a Furfrou could run over her)

Clemont: Bonnie!

Ash Ketchum: Hey, are you okay?

Twilight Sparkle: Your not hurt are you?

Emerl: Thanks for saving Bonnie, Twilight.

Twilight Sparkle: Your welcome.

(Then the woman came out of the bushes)

Jessica: I'm so sorry, that Furfrou is with me. (She looks at Bonnie's knees) Oh, no you scrape your knees.

Bonnie: Don't worry about me, I'm just fine.

(Team Robot In Pokemon XY The Series opening plays)

Ash Ketchum (V.O.): Grooming Furfrou!

(Clemont puts bandages on Bonnie's knees)

Clemont: That should do it.

Bonnie: Dedenne, how are you doing?

(Dedenne pops up and speaks)

Narrator: As the Kalos League continues to enspire Ash, every step of the way. Our Heroes are now on route to Ash's second gym battle challenge at the Cyllage City gym.

Jessica: I'm so sorry, really.

Bonnie: Don't worry, I'm fine.

Clemont: Bonnie, means it.

Fluttershy: Hi, what are you doing?

Rainbow Dash: We saw Twilight manage to save Bonnie from that Furfrou.

Yoshi: It's really good to see you Mane 6.

Applejack: Thanks, you too y'all.

Ash Ketchum: Now this is like the Furfrou in the Pokédex.

Jessica: Furfrou still hasn't been groomed yet. I'm Jessica.

Ash Ketchum: My name's Ash, this is Pikachu.

Serena: I'm Serena.

Bonnie: My name is Bonnie. This is my big brother.

Clemont: I'm Clemont.

Tai Kamiya: I'm Tai. This is my partner Agumon, and this is my sister, Kari.

Agumon: Hello there.

Kari Kamiya: Hi.

Davis Motomiya: The name is Davis, this Veemon.

Takato Matsuki: I'm Takato. And this is Guilmon.

Takuya Kanbara: I'm Takuya, we're the leaders of the DigiDestined.

Emerl: My name is Emerl, the Sega Unit Patrol Squad 1 leader.

Bonnie: Jessica is a keeper! I mean please take care of my brother!

(Clemont brings out an Aipom arm and grabs Bonnie)

Clemont: Bonnie, stop! I told you not to do that again! So embarassing.

Bonnie: I hope you'll think about it, please, Jessica!

Teslo: Not again, Bonnie, this is embarrassing.

Davis Motomiya: What did we just say?

Jessica: Oh, dear.

Mimi Tachikawa: What was that?

Serena: Think about what?

Bonnie: I can't look after my brother forever, so, is my job for a dependable wife for him. (Her nose steams)

Clemont: (Sighs)

(Teslo and Volectro stares at Bonnie)

Teslo: Now listen lady, Don't make things bothering for taking care of Clemont.

Volectro: Yeah, and your making it silly!

Zaptor: Guys, let's just calm down a moment.

(Now we go to the heroes and Furfrou walking)

Jessica: You see, I'm studying to be a Pokémon groomer.

Kari Kamiya: Really? You're going to groom your Furfrou?

Jessica: I've really want too. But everytime I try to do anything with it's fur, it runs off. I only try to brush a bit to earlier and that's when it ran away.

Ash Ketchum: I get it now.

Emerl: Same goes for me.

Palmon: Poor thing.

Mimi Tachikawa: Furfrou really needs to groom.

Jessica: Furfrou were very intelligent and knows exactly what they want. They weren't listen to a trainer, until they see that person as they're partner.

Bonnie: So does that mean, Furfrou, doesn't see you as a trainer yet?

Clemont: Hey, Bonnie!

Yolei Inoue: That was rude!

Jessica: It's okay, Bonnie. You've got it exactly right.

Serena: Now I want to see how Pokémon groomer's style Furfrou even more.

Mimi Tachikawa: Same goes for me!

Zoe Orimoto: I really want to see the groomers did grooming on Furfrou too!

Bonnie: I do too! I do too!

Jessica: Why not see if I work? To make up for those scraped knees.

Gmerl: Please take us.

(Now we cut to the Pokémon Groomer)

Jessica: This is the grooming salon, where I'm being trained.

Ash Ketchum: We've seen this before right?

(Then the man grooming the Furfrou as Jessica opens the door)

Tai Kamiya: Who is that guy?

Takato Matsuki: I know that man! That's the guy we saw him in Serena's travel guide!

Clemont: Wow, talk about an unbelievable coincidence!

Serena: It's him!

(Then Sherman sees the heroes and opens the door)

Sherman: Jessica, are you finishing giving your furfrou a walk?

Jessica: Sherman, I like you to introduce to Clemont and Ash and Bonnie and Serena. And also Emerl and the DigiDestined and the Mixels.

Serena: I saw an article about you in the guidebook, your a grooming superstar! Is such an honor to meet you.

Sherman: I do think superstars a bit of an exaggeration.

(Then Sora and Biyomon sees the scissors)

Sora Takenouchi: Look at those scissors.

Jessica: There all interested in learning about Pokémon groomers.

Sherman: Well in that case why don't you fill them in?

Jessica: Sure.

Scorpi: I would like to try out if we can groom Furfrou.

(Then the heroes walk to the room seeing a Furfrou, as Bonnie sees the berries)

Bonnie: Look at all the berries!

Jessica: You notice. Well Bonnie, there's a lot more to grooming Pokemon then simply grooming their fur. We give each Pokemon a through health exam you can tell if a Pokemon is eating well, simply by feeling its fur, so the amount of fur gets caught depends on how healthy it is.

Yolei Inoue: You learn about that?

Jessica: Learning about nutrition is a must for example we recommend a roast or lung berry for when a Pokemons not feeling well, and see a Tamato Berry can help stimulate their appetite.

Emerl: That Tamato berry is spicy.

Ash Ketchum: I feel like my head is gonna explode.

Kraw: That looks good.

(Serena, Zoe, Rika, Renamon and Sora sees the shampoos and conditioner)

Jessica: We also have 10 different types of shampoo and conditioner to choose from, depending on the fur quality of the client.

Serena: That's incredible.

Rika Nonaka: I have to agree.

Jessica: Take a look at the scissors and comb we use. Each custom made for whatever style we're doing.

Bonnie: Dedenne, look at them all.

Gatomon: They look pretty.

Kari Kamiya: Yeah.

Tentro: These Shampoo can wash our hair!

Sherman: That reminds me, I just finished up with two more clients. Would you all like to have a little peek?

All Heroes: Sure.

Sherman: Jessica, please bring the Furfrou here.

Jessica: Right.

(She then opens the door to let two Furfrou in)

Vulk: Well, will you look at that.

Tai Kamiya: Nice different Furfrou.

Agumon: They're fashionable.

Rika Nonaka: Not bad.

Palmon: So pretty!

Balk: Very pretty!

Serena: Wow, they got so much style!

(Ash picks up his Pokedex and analyze them)

Ash's Pokedex: Furfrou, the Poodle Pokémon.

Ash Ketchum: So they are both Furfrou as well?

Cody Hida: Yes.

Bonnie: They don't look like the same Pokémon at all!

Clemont: You can say that again.

Flain: Yes, Those Furfrou looks fabulous!

Serena: There both just so elegant!

Jessica: I wanna style my Furfrou like that. I just hope it will let me someday.

Sora Takenouchi: Of course, you'll style you're Furfrou. But this such a dream!

Serena: Yeah!

Biyomon: All Furfrou's styles are so beautiful!

Sherman: They're right, Jessica, it's important to be confident. It is true her Furfrou is quite stubborn thought. It won't her let groom it all.

Emerl: Yeah, she told us about that.

Yoshi: I really want to see her Furfrou gets grooming and becomes whatever I really want to see.

Sherman: It is my wish that Jessica's and Furfrou's hearts will become one someday.

Winnie the Pooh: Yes, I hope so.

Eeyore: If you say so.

Sherman: But still there's no need to rush things.

Jessica: I guess.

Sherman: Wait, this is your first time in the city.

Ash & Takato: Yeah.

Emerl: It's so nice.

Sherman: I have an idea. Why don't you show them around on lunch break, Jessica?

Jessica: Great.

Rigby: Dude, that is a great idea.

(Now we cut to the heroes walking on the sidewalk)

Jessica: There's a spot with a beautiful view just up the street a little bit.

Serena: Awesome! I can't wait to see it.

Zoe Orimoto: I really like to see it too.

Tommy Himi: That will be fun.

Mimi Tachikawa: And amazing!

Jessie: (Off screen) Why hello there, Pikachu.

Emerl: Who said that?

James: How would you like to be a furshionista?

Palmon: Who are...

Seismo: They?

Jessie: Sparkling.

James: Sangria.

Meowth: Twinkling.

James: Glittering.

Jessie: Snip, snip.

Ash Ketchum: Huh?

James: This is non other than superstar stylist extraordinaire, Jessally.

Serena: Hold on, Jessally?

Zoe Orimoto: Aren't you the Fashion designer?

Henry Wong: She's a famous fashion designer?

James: Yes! Winner of the crown for best makeup! And the gold metal for styling!

Meowth: And the golden scizzor award for hair design!

James: And other accolades to numerous to mention

Jessie: Success for me, is a piece of designer cake.

Jessica: Why haven't I heard any of those?

Rabbit: Same goes for me

James: A top hairstyles, Jessally has now become a Pokémon groomer!

Major Nixel: And being famous all the time!

Sora Takenouchi: Awesome!

Biyomon: I really want to see that!

Jessie: Why not take a look at my creations.

Mimi Tachikawa: Sure!

(Now we cut to the inside of the Pokemon Grooming as the lights went out)

James: Watch how Jessally transform the most unsightly Pokémon and enjoy the Wobbuffet transform-athon!

(The light shows Wobbuffet dress up as a Pirate Ship Captain)

Zoe Orimoto: Cool!

Tommy Himi: Awesome!

(Wobbuffet goes back to the room)

James: Presenting, the girly top!

(Wobbuffet wears a rainbow wig)

James: And feast your eyes on this, the Fearow.

(Wobbuffet has a hair of Fearow on it's head)

James: The chic French look!

(Wobbuffet dresses as a girl)

Serena: They all look kind of boring.

Patamon: Yeah, Lame.

Eddy: That's what I like to hear.

Bonnie: That girly top was so cute!

Jessie: And that's only the tip of the styling iceberg, get ready for the main act.

James: The Wobbo-fuet! The Haunting silky smiling look. The flowing per. And rich girl regular crew!

Jessie: We have the last word in styling.

Serena: That wasn't so bad.

Emerl: I like it.

Ed: It is so cool!

Jessie: When it comes to styling sass, I'm the top of the class. You there Pikachu, Ponies and the Mixels care to experience a small sample of my grooming magic?

Glomp: No thanks.

Seismo: Not me.

Hoogi: I'm good with that.

Flain: Not for me.

Twilight Sparkle: I'm good.

Ash Ketchum: I think Pikachu looks fine just like this.

Bonnie: Aww... Serena, how about Fennekin? I know it's already a cutie pie, or maybe some styling will be get it and even cutie pie.

Sora Takenouchi: Not a bad idea.

Serena: That sounds like a great idea. Come on out, Fennekin. (She brings out her Pokéball bringing out her Fennekin) How would you like to do some styling on my Fennekin?

Jessie: (Groans) We want Pikachu.

(James covers her mouth)

Major Nixel: Don't say it!

James: This is a chance to catch a Kalos region Pokémon.

Jessie: I accept, my grooming skills are second to none. I'll happily style you're Fennekin.

Serena: Okay, thanks.

(Then the villains in disguise kick the heroes out)

Takuya Kanbara: What was that for?

James: Jessally performs her magic in private so please come back in an hour.

Donkey Kong: An hour?

Armadillomon: What?

Cody Hida: Is this some kind of joke?

Serena: But I wanted to watch her perform magic.

Rarity: Me too.

Yolei Inoue: Hold the phone, I really want to see the perform magic too!

Hawkmon: Can't we just see it please?

James: Jessally's grooming magic is an industry secret so it stays hush-hush.

Jessie: But it will only take an hour well the worth time to create Fennekin fashion.

Kari Kamiya: Okay.

Serena: Okay, see you in an hour.

(The heroes leaves as the villains close the door, and then chuckles evilly since they got Fennekin. Now we cut to the park)

Serena: I really wanted to watch how Jessally styles Fennekin.

Emerl: I have a bad feeling about this.

Gmerl: About those people, took Fennekin.

Emerl: Yes, I think that...

(Before Emerl could talk, Ash sees Officer Jenny)

Ash Ketchum: It's Officer Jenny!

Serena: Thank you for all you're help during the Rhyhorn race.

Takato Matsuki: Yeah, you should've came just in time to help us out fight the bad guys.

Officer Jenny: You must be talking about my second Cousin. (She shows the heroes a picture of all Officer Jenny) Here's a picture of me, when I was at the Cadet attending the Officer Jenny training academy.

Tai Kamiya: Wow, that's a lot.

Serena: Wow, there certainly are a lot of you!

Ash Ketchum: I knew it.

Takuya Kanbara: So that's why.

Officer Jenny: Now if you don't mind, there's something I like to ask you.

Gabumon: What is it?

Officer Jenny: Have seen any con artists?

Serena: Con artists?

Officer Jenny: That's right, there's a woman who claims to be a famous Pokémon groomer and once she gets a Pokémon, she and her gang vanished.

Davis Motomiya: What?

Veemon: What?

Ash Ketchum: Tell us more!

Officer Jenny: It's a group of four who likes to dress really flamboyantly, two wear flashy glasses.

Ash, Emerl & The DigiDestined and their Digimon Leaders: It's them!

Guilmon: Fennekin is with them!

Takato Matsuki: Fennekin is in trouble!

Davis Motomiya: Let's go save Fennekin before it's too late!

(It was too late. The heroes already arrive at the empty Pokémon grooming)

Flurr: What happened here?

Clemont: I guess we're too late.

Officer Jenny: Are you sure this is where you met them?

Serena: Yeah.

(Then Furfrou smells the floor)

Jessica: Hey, Furfrou, are you picking up their scent?

(Furfrou runs off)

Jessica: Furfrou, wait for me!

Ash Ketchum: Quick, we've gotta follow those two!

(Who's that Pokemon? segment starts)

All Heroes: Who's that Pokémon? It's Furfrou!

(Back to the episode. Then we go to the villains outside of the park and they did captured Fennekin that was in the bag)

Meowth: It's in the bag! Fennekin is our premier Kalos collection Pokémon!

Major Nixel: What a Successful day!

Zach Varmitech: We got Fennekin! (Laughing)

Donita Donata: Fennekin will be my perfect decorations!

James: One of many, I'm sure, it's time for plan number 2!

Jessie: Of course, by that you mean, catch Pikachu!

(Furfrou smells behind Meowth's tail)

Meowth: What's that called?

James: A Furfrou.

The Chameleon: Furfrou!

Verminious Snaptrap: Let's catch it!

Ash Ketchum: (Off-screen) Furfrou!

Zach Varmitech: Hey, Who said that?!

Major Nixel: Not those Heroes again.

Tai Kamiya: It's them!

Serena: Don't let them get away!

Ash & Emerl: Give Fennekin back!

Mordecai: Show yourselves!

(Team Rocket and the villains take off their costumes)

Jessie: Prepare for trouble, pushy twerps!

James: And make it double we're primo preps!

Jessie: To protect the world from devastation!

James: To unite all people with in our nation!

Jessie: To denounce the evils of truth and love!

James: To extend our reach to the stars above!

Jessie: Jessie!

James: And James!

Jessie: Team Rocket blast off at the speed of light!

James: Surrender now, or prepare for one stylish fight!

Meowth: Meowth, that's right!

Serena: Team Rocket!

Flain: Also, Major Nixel.

Agumon: D.O.O.M.!

Tigger: It's Bowser and his kids!

Sora: Dr. Eggman!

Donald Duck: Orbot & Cubot!

Tentomon: Zach!

Rika Nonaka: Not that creepy woman, Donita, again!

Koichi Kimura: And Chef Gourmand too!

Officer Jenny: Return the Pokémon you stole!

Twilight Sparkle: Give us all the Pokémon back!

Emerl: How dare you tricked us! Give back Fennekin, right now!

Davis Motomiya: You better give Fennekin back, or else Veemon is going to kick your butts!

Ed: You shall not take Fennekin away!

Biyomon: Give Fennekin and the Pokéballs back now!

Zach Varmitech: No, can do.

Donita Donata: Yeah, not gonna happened.

Gaston Gourmand: (Laughs) No way.

Meowth: If you want them, you'll have to come and get them!

Zach Varmitech: And you'll have to get pass my Zackbots!

Bowser: Pooh Bear. I dare you to come with us, when we defeat you and you're friends!

Winnie the Pooh: Not gonna happened.

Takato Matsuki: That could be arranged! Ready, Guilmon!

Guilmon: Yeah!

Officer Jenny: Manectric, get them! (She throws her Pokéball summoning her Manectric)

Serena: Manectric? (She brings out her Pokédex and analyzes Manectric)

Serena's Pokédex: Manectric, the discharge Pokémon. Manectric collects electricity from the air, creating a thundercloud above its head. It's mane gives off strong electric current.

Serena: Amazing.

Gabumon: Manectric, will take those bad guys down!

Patamon: Good point.

Izzy Izumi: Yeah. Manectric will use an electric type move to paralyze the villains.

James: Inkay, gangway! (He throws his Pokéball summoning his Inkay)

Officer Jenny: Use Thunderbolt!

(Manectric fires Thunderbolt)

James: Dodge it!

(His Inkay dodges from the Thunderbolt attack)

James: Now, Tackle!

(Inkay tackles Manectric)

Officer Jenny: Manectric, Quick Attack!

(Manectric activates Quick Attack and hits Inkay)

Gaston Gourmand: Oh, no!

Zach Varmitech: Stop, Manectric!

James: Use Psybeam!

(Inkay fires Psybeam and hits Manectric, which causes the electric type Pokemon to be confused and fires thunderbolt around the battlefield)

Officer Jenny: Manectric! (She gets hit by a Thunderbolt attack)

Sora Takenouchi: Officer Jenny! Are you okay?

Clemont: Psybeam, affairs causing it to be confused!

Officer Jenny: Return! (She returns her Manectric back to it's Pokéball)

Tai Kamiya: Sounds like it's up to us.

Ash Ketchum: Leave them to us! Let's do this Pikachu, use Quick Attack!

(Pikachu activates Quick Attack trying to hit Inkay, but it dodges and fires a spray of ink, blinding PIkachu)

Emerl: Pikachu!

Takuya Kanbara: Hey, No fair!

Gabumon: Let's save Pikachu, you guys!

Biyomon, Palmon, Tentomon, Hawkmon, Armadillomon, Terriermon & Renamon: Right!

(Seven Digimon charges to attack, but Inkay dodges and fires a spray of ink blinding Biyomon, Palmon, Tentomon, Hawkmon, Armadillomon, Terriermon and Renamon too)

Sora Takenouchi: Biymon!

Mimi Tachikawa: Palmon!

Izzy Izumi: Tentomon!

Yolei Inoue: Hawkmon!

Cody Hida: Armadillomon!

Henry Wong: Terriermon, no!

Rika Nonaka: Renamon!

Tentomon: I can't see!

Renamon: We've been hit by Inkay's ink!

Biyomon: Somebody wipe those ink off of us!

Serena: No! Pikachu! And all Digimon! Are you okay?!

Bonnie: There's gonna be something we can do to help out!

Volectro: Bring out Dedenne!

Bonnie: Got it.

(She opens her bag, but instead Dedenne is sleeping)

Agumon: Uh, Dedenne's Sleeping.

Raphael: Oh, great!

Zaptor: This is no time to sleep, Dedenne!

Teslo: It's no use, Dedenne, can't wake up.

Gomamon: Now, we have to deal with these guys!

Donkey Kong: Come on!

Yoshi: Dedenne has gone to sleep, you Digimon are up to stop them!

Bonnie: Clemont, help them!

(Clemont was about to bring out his Pokémon, but Ash stops him)

Ash Ketchum: It's okay, Clemont, we can still battle, right Pikachu?

(Agumon, Gomamon, Patamon, Gatomon, Veemon, Wormmon and Guilmon steps in to help out Pikachu)

Agumon: Come on, guys! Let's do this!

Guilmon: Okay!

James: Finish this, with Tackle!

Zach Varmitech: Zackbots, get them!

Verminious Snaptrap: Stop them!

(Inkay, D.O.O.M. and the Zackbots charges towards Pikachu and the Digimon)

Ash Ketchum: Pikachu! Jump and dodge it!

Tai Kamiya: Move out of the way, guys!

(They jump from the attack as Agumon fires Pepper Breath on The Chameleon)

The Chameleon: Ow, Hot!

James: Psybeam, let's go!

Ash Ketchum: Pikachu, on the ground and roll!

(Inkay fires Psybeam as Pikachu rolls away to dodge the attack)

Ash Ketchum: Turn around and use Thunderbolt!

Agumon: Pepper Breath!

Patamon: Boom Bubble!

Veemon: Vee headbutt!

Wormmon: Sticky Net!

Guilmon: Pyro Sphere!

(They fire their attacks together)

Clemont: Spectacular!

Jessie: Now, you're turn Wobbuffet!

(Wobbuffet jumps in and activates Mirror Coat, bouncing the attacks)

Ash Ketchum: Pikachu! Jump and dodge!

Guilmon: Time to dodge too!

(They all jump away from the attacks)

Agumon: Pepper Breath!

Guilmon: Pyro Sphere!

(Agumon and Guilmon fire their attacks on the Zackbots)

Zach Varmitech: My Zackbots!

Patamon: Boom Bubble!

(He fires the attack hitting Donita Donata)

Donita Donata: Not the hair!

Veemon: Vee Headbutt!

(Veemon headbutt Gourmand)

Bad Dog: That's it!

Major Nixel: They're gonna get it!

Ash Ketchum: Aim behind you and use Iron Tail!

(Pikachu activates Iron Tail)

Jessie: Dodge it!

(Wobbuffet dodges from the Iron Tail attack)

Ash Ketchum: That's it, guys!

Takato Matsuki: You can do this!

Ash Ketchum: Pikachu! Stay put and use Thunderbolt!

Tai Kamiya: Now stop them!

Takato Matsuki: You too, Guilmon!

(Pikachu fires Thunderbolt, Agumon fires Pepper Breath and Guilmon fires Pyro Sphere)

Jessie: Wobbuffet, you know what to do!

(Wobbuffet activates Mirror Coat bouncing the Thunderbolt attack)

Ash Ketchum: Guys! Jump up!

(Pikachu along with the DigiDestined's Digimon jumps away from the attack and hits Inkay and Major Nixel)

Jessica: Ash and Pikachu. The kids and their Digimon, are awesome! I can't believe Ash is acting as Pikachu's eyes, while the battle goes on.

Seismo: Their doing there best.

Clemont: I use to be so surprised at this kind of stuff too. But I know something only they can pull off.

Bonnie: Right, it's because my brother along with the others trust in each other.

Jessica: Trust in each other?

(Flashback starts)

Jessica (Flashback): You won't please let me at least, brush you? See I won't promise I won't cut your fur. Please, my I? I know you'll love it.

(Her Furfrou gets away as the flashback ends)

James: Use Tackle!

Ash Ketchum: Jump to the right, and dodge it!

Gatomon: Lightning Paw!

(She hits one of the Nixels with her Lightning Paw)

Major Nixel: Don't just stand there, do something!

Larry: Right!

(As the heroes watches their friends battle the villains. Jessie came from behind the trees)

Jessie: In the meantime, I think I'll catch us another Pokémon.

(She throws the cubed device and becomes an electricity net as Furfrou pushes Jessica away and gets trapped by the electric net)

Jessica: No, Furfrou!

Magnifo: They got Furfrou!

(Furfrou tries to break the cage down, but ends up getting zapped)

Donita Donata: We got Furfrou!

Jessie: Well we've had quite a home today!

(Furfrou looks at Jessica)

Jessica: My poor Furfrou.

(Flashback starts is when we see Jessica gives Furfrou, Pokemon food and then they walk together as the flashback ends)

Jessica: My Furfrou... give me back my Furfrou, right now!

(She runs trying to break the cage down, but she gets zapped and bounces back)

Mimi Tachikawa: Are you okay, Jessica?

Serena: Jessica, you'll hurt yourself!

Jessica: My poor Furfrou.

Bonnie: Clemont!

T.K. Takaishi: Clemont, help Furfrou!

Clemont: Bunnelby, come out and help us! (He throws his Pokéball summoning his Bunnelby) All right, Bunnelby, use Mud-shot and destroy that cage!

(Bunnelby fires Mud-Shot)

Jessie: Go, Wobbuffet!

(Wobbuffet jumps up and activates Mirror Coat stopping the Mud-shot)

Clemont: Bunnelby, use dig!

(Bunnelby digs underground)

Bowser Jr.: Where did it go?

(Bunnelby hits Wobbuffet and Bowser Jr. up in the air)

Ash Ketchum: Pikachu, use Thunderbolt, straight ahead!

Agumon: Pepper Breath!

Guilmon: Pyro Sphere!

(They fire their attacks hitting Inkay and the villains

Jessica: (Picks up a stick and charges towards the cage) Why you, take this!

(She hits it with the stick and the cage and frees Furfrou as the device fell towards Jessie, Wendy O Koopa and Donita)

Wendy O Koopa: What?

(The device explodes)

Jessica: You're safe!

(Now we go to Bonnie cleans Pikachu's eyes, while the DigiDestined does the same too with their Digimon)

Bonnie: Let me wipe off that iky ink off of you. You're all clean.

Sora Takenouchi: Hold still, Biyomon. There we go.

Biyomon: Thanks, Sora.

Mimi Tachikawa: Now you can see.

Palmon: Thanks, Palmon.

Yolei Inoue: That's it, Hawkmon.

Hawkmon: Thanks.

Cody Hida: Hold still and good.

Armadillomon: I can see!

Rika Nonaka: Can you see now, Renamon?

Renamon: Yes, thank you.

Henry Wong: There. Now you can see.

Terriermon: Momentai.

(The smoke clears with all the villains coughing and then they see the heroes)

Jessica: Hey, do you wan to have a battle with them? I got it, use Charge Beam!

(Furfrou fires Charge Beam and hits the villains sending them flying up in the sky)

Team Rocket & Robot's Enemies: We're blasting off again!


Gemerl: Yes!

(The bag falls releasing the Pokéballs and Fennekin as it runs and jumps on Serena's arms)

Serena: Oh, thank goodness, you're alright!

Agumon: That was close.

Flain: Way to go dudes and duettes!

Teslo: We did it!

Krader: Yeah, yeah!

Seismo: Let's hope those villains never return.

Volectro: We got the Pokéballs and Fennekin back!

Magnifo: A Good Magic always defeats Evil Magic!

Shuff: That's right.

Glurt: Yep.

Lunk: Yeah.

(Officer Jenny picks up the bag of Pokéballs)

Officer Jenny: I'll return all of these stolen Pokéballs back to their trainers. Thank you, Ash and everyone.

Ash Ketchum: No, prob.

Tentomon: Did we just hear Furfrou listen to Jessica?

Ash Ketchum: Yeah, you're right!

Pikachu: Pika.

Koji Minamoto: Furfrou finally listens to you as it's partner now. Congratulations.

Serena: I'm sure of it.

Hoogi: Now, The Spikels make a Heart trim for Furfrou, how's that?

Scorpi: Good idea!

Footi: Let's work!

Flurr: You good mixel Masterpieces, The Spikels is going to make Furfrou fabulous.

Jessica: Oh, Furfrou, would finally let me style you now?

(Furfrou agrees)

Jessica: Furfrou!

(Now we cut to the Pokémon Groomer)

Jessica: First, let's get you all brushed.

(She brushes Furfrou)

Sherman: Look at that big smile. Such confidence! What a welcome sight.

Serena: Seeing Jessica and Furfrou looks so happy is so nice.

(She continues brushing)

Jessica: It looks like you're the peak of health.

(Next she gives Furfrou a shower, then she drys it up. Next she uses her scizzors to cut the fur, and at last the door opens and they see a Furfrou already turned into a Heart Trim Furfrou)

Jessica: So what do you think?

Bonnie: Beautiful!

Kari Kamiya: Furfrou looks nice!

Sora Takenouchi: A Heart Trim Furfrou!

Serena: And such style!

Magnifo: Wow, Now that's what I called Style!

Mimi Tachikawa: Heart Trim Furfrou is so beautiful! I really wish I want one of those as my Pokémon Team!

Sherman: True perfection!

Jessica: Thank you so much! Thanks to you too, I owe so much to everyone of you.

Serena: It's because you connect with Furfrou's heart.

Jessica: I'm going to make a bond between Furfrou and me grew deeper and deeper, and groom as much as I possibly can. Someday I'll be a famous Groomer!

Serena: And when you are, will you style my Fennekin?

Palmon: Can you style me too?

Jessica: Of course.

(Cut to the sunset)

Sherman: Take care.

Jessica: Next time you travel this way, please stop by.

Emerl: We will!

Ash Ketchum: 'Kay, good bye!

Pikachu: Pika, pika!

(They leave as Jessica smiles)

Serena: It must be nice to have something you can be really passionate about.

Ash Ketchum: Huh? What did you say?

Tai Kamiya: You say something?

Serena: Oh, nothing. I can't wait to get to Lumiose City.

Narrator: Jessica has forged a real bond with Furfrou. And grown as a Pokémon Groomer, now our heroes hit the road again as the journey continues.

(The episode ends)

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