This is how Grumblemon appeared in Episode 6 in Ryan's and Sora's Digimon Frontier.

[Koji and the others are climbing the walls]

Voice: Help! Someone help! You're not making it.

Ryan: We're coming!

[They reach up and saw Snailmon]

Koji: Hello?

Snailmon: I hear him. Quickly, he's coming. He'll torn it up. Help us!

They need to do something, so Koji use a Rock to destroyed the Paddlelock and then someone is there and throw them off the cliff


Kongoumon: What?! No money?! 

He tosses the kids out. 

Kongoumon: Come back when you not just a bunch of dead meat.

Zoe: But we're really hungry. And we do have Munny. See right here.

Then he close the restaurant

Bokomon: You have money? Let me see.

She give it to him

Bokomon: You call this stuff money? Frankly, I would thrown you out of the restaurant too.

He toss the money

J.P: So what's plain like in the Digital World? You so smart, how do we our hands on some? Huh?

Bokomon: It's simple, stop being so lazy and go to work.

Takuya: You want us to work? That's what an allowance is for.

Doki: I hope it's good.

Tommy: Can you just lead us some?

All: Yeah, hand it over!

Bokomon found his Money pouch

Zoe: Big bucks!

But it's empty

Bokomon: As you can see, I'm without fonds as will.

They look disappointed

Bokomon: Now come on, you nincompoops. Follow me.

They saw look hungry

Bokomon: It's time to go.

Neemon: That's not going.

Zoe: We're still hungry!

Doki: Us too!

Takuya: Yeah, we're gonna eat something!

Tommy: Anything!

They saw a Sign

J.P: Hey, you guys. Take a look at that. Heroes wanted. All you meals for free! Rock solid!

Takuya: I'm Brave enough to eat!

They went off and they saw Snailmon

Takuya: We're heroes.

They look Happy

Minutes Later

They're hiding in a Bush

Takuya: There's the Train

Otto: We see it.

J.P: Duh!

Zoe: Shouldn't we hide?

They hide

Takuya: Wish we knew where those guys are gonna do?

Zoe: Relax, I'm sure they have a good plan.

The Snailmon tied up the road and Dragged the Cart and Kids to the Tracks

Takuya: I hope their aren't as crazy as this one

Doki: Me too.

Snailmon: One day, a mean creature named Grumblemon attacked. We're peaceful we can't fight him by ourselves. He demands our mountain fractal codes. And we told him, we don't know where it is. But he thinks we're lying and that's why we need you Heroes.

Takuya: Don't worry, we'll take care of him. Right guys.

Zoe: Right!

Tommy: I guess.

J.P: Whatever. 

Zoe: Boys, I'm sure why I understand this. Why can't he just take the Fractal Code.

Gabi: Yeah, why won't be?

Bokomon: We already talk about this. As I said, the source of all energy in the Digital World is everything made out of date. Everything, Mountains, Rivers, Villages, everything is solid matter is made out of energy, so it has fractal code. Only in someplace the code is out the open and in someplace is hidden. Tried to remember that.

Snailmon: I'm afraids, there's more story to tell. Grumblemon took all of our women's to trade for the mountains crafts codes.

Fico: Oh my.

Tommy: That's horrible.

Zoe: Man, guys can sure be jerk sometimes, so that's why you wanted our help to save your Women's?

Snailmon: Yes.

J.P: Just leave everything to us.

Snailmon: We are in your dept, Heroes.

J.P: Alright, and about that Chow!

Neemon: Uh oh!

Doki: Do you think...

Takuya: Hold on, you want us to ride through that in this?! Are you Snails Insane!?

Doki: We will get hurt!!!

They are scream because they're going to fast

Doki: Stop this crazy thing! 

Takuya: At least, it end like it supposed to have!!!

Tommy: Not Slowing down, we're speeding up!

Fico: We are going fast!

All: (Scream)

Takuya: How'd the things on the Track!?

Snailmon: Actually, I don't think it is.

All: (Scream)

They survive

Zoe: That was so bad.

Mundi: Yeah.

J.P: What's your definition of bad?

Zoe: Falling of this cliff!

J.P: Cliff!?

They look down and see how high it is and they look scared of falling

Snailmon: Come on, Heroes. What are you all waiting for?

J.P: Are you kidding!? Sticking to the side of the Mountain, maybe fine for you guys. But one slip and we're scramble Pancakes!

Otto: Yeah! I don't want to be flat!

Gabi: One more thing.

Zoe: Just how do you propose we get up to you, we can't cling to walls.

Then Snailmon pull down the ladder

Snailmon: Climb up you guys, it's fine.

J.P: Oh, I learn a bunch of new definition.

Otto: Me too!

Takuya: Come on.

Doki: Start climbing.

They climb up the Ladder

J.P.: Well, you know what they say right? Ladies first, so after you, girls.

Otto: So do you girls.

But Zoe, Gabi, Anabelle and Mundi just refused, Otto and J.P. are wondering why, so they look down at their Skirt

Zoe: Ugh! We're wearing a Skirt!

Gabi: So do you.

J.P.: Oh! No, wait, we.... No! Not really, we...

Otto: Wait! We can explain. We didn't mean too-

Zoe: As if you didn't know.

Gabi: Stupid head!

Zoe: Sicko!

Mundi: Dumb kid!

She and Gabi slapped at J.P and Otto.

Snailmon: You're almost there.

Takuya: That's great.

Then Tommy saw someone inside

Tommy: Who's that? Hey, wait!

Takuya: Yes!

Then he saw Koji and the other?

Takuya: You all here?

Koji: You're the People, these guys found out?

They saw Koji and the other

J.P: Koji?

Takuya: Yeah, none of us find any food, either.

Koji: Hey, don't want us to be with you, guys. These kids aren't gonna help you out all.

Doki: Hey!

Takuya: We'll help you right outside the head!

Tommy: Well, at least give us a Chance.

Fico: Please.

Koji: Thanks, but no thanks. I mean look at you, the only thing that you guys is getting in our way. Can you help, if you're not up to our levels?

Takuya: Watch it, stick boy. Our me and Doki will

Snailmon: Gentlemen, Please. My thanks for all of you, for coming to help. And now, it's time to eat.

All: Alright! Time to chow down!

Then they fell off

J.P: Well, at least we can get some good food that make us feel better.

Otto: Yeah.

Takuya: Is...that what I think it is? 

Doki: I don't know.

JP: I don’t know, looks like rabbit food. 

Otto: Yeah.

Zoe: Well at least rabbits get to eat. 

All: Huh? 

Zoe and Gabi takes one. 

Zoe: Here goes nothing. 

She and Gabi bites into it. 

Zoe: Mm, molto buono. Dig in. tastes like steak. 

Gabi: Mine is Pork!

She takes another bite. 

All: Huh? Huh... 

They all take one and bite into it. 

JP: Mine tastes like chicken. 

Otto: Mine is Hotdog!

Tommy: Mine’s like a potato. 

Fico: Mine is Carrot!

Takuya: Mine’s just like asparagus! 

Doki: And Spanish!

Koji sits away from everyone else and eats his quietly. 

All: Yuck! 

Takuya: I like asparagus... 

Doki: And Spinish is good for you.

Takuya and Doki sees him with Sora and Ryan. 

Takuya: How’d they  get here anyway? 

KaratsukeNumemon: Fell, they fell from the sky. 

Takuya: They did what? 

KaratsukeNumemon: They fell. 

Flashback to Koji and the other falling into a pile of hay. 

All: Ah!!!!!!! Oh! 

The KaratsukeNumemon: Uh! 

KaratsukeNumemon: Well, we finish and the universe throws a human into the works. 

End flashback. 

The sun sets. 

Koji: Grumblemon has the captives in a cave. 

Sora: So where is it?

They look at a drawing of the mountain. 

Koji: It’s right 

He points to the middle area of the mountain. 

Koji: We’ll have to get in and out quickly. 

The KaratsukeNumemon are on the wall and nervous. 

JP: Just relax. 

The KaratsukeNumemon: Ah. 

JP: Have no fear, leave everything to us, Legendary Warriors and Warrior Pupils! 

They get freaked out and back up. 

Tommy: Huh? 

Zoe: What’s the matter? 

Elder: You mean all of you...are Legendary Warriors and Warrior Pupils? 

Takuya flexes his arms. 

Takuya: Yeah, in the flesh! 

Doki: And we stop them!

The KaratsukeNumemon huddle together and talk quietly. 

Tommy: Hey, what got them so worked up? 

Bokomon: Believe me, I’d have trouble believing you’re Legendary Warriors and Warrior Pupils too. 

JP: I bet they’re in awe of us. 

The Elder clears his throat. 

Elder: It’s time to go to bed. 

Takuya: And I say it’s time for us to rescue the girls! 

Elder: Uh, no, no, get some rest first and then you can tackle the job in the morning. 

Takuya: Huh? Uh...okay. 

Elder: Now off to bed with you. 

In the house there are beds, but they’re on the side so the kids sleep on giant leaves on the floor. 

Takuya turns and sees Koji awake. 

Koji: What? 

Takuya: Huh? Hey, you know, I didn’t like you at first, but you’re all right, helping out the KaratsukeNumemon and all. 

Doki: Yeah, why you help us for?

Koji and Ryan turns over. 

Takuya: Huh? 

Koji: They helped me first, but don’t think I’ll help you. 


Takuya and Doki turns over too. 

Takuya: Hm! 

Takuya (thinking): Yeah, like I’d even want your help. 

He closes his eyes. 

Later that night he opens them and sees the cliff bottom below them. 

Takuya: Man that’s a long way down. Huh. 

Takuya (thinking): Long way down?! 

All but Koji and Neemon freak out cause Neemon’s asleep. 

Zoe: What’s goin’ on here?! 

Gabi: Why we're tied up!?

JP: I don’t wanna know! 

Otto: Me too!

Takuya and Koji look up at the KaratsukeNumemon who have them tied up by stakes sticking out on the side. 

Koji: What are you doing? 

Elder: We’ll give you back to your partner in exchange for our women. 

Takuya: You dirty sneaks, is that why you brought us here? 

Doki: Yeah, tell us!

Elder: Hm! I think it is you who are the dirty sneaks, pretending to be caring, helpful strangers when you’re really Legendary Warriors and Warrior Pupils. 

Zoe: I don’t understand! What’s wrong with that?! 

Elder: The time for your games and lies is over. Soon you’ll be back with your ally. 

Koji: Ally? What are you talking about? 

Sora: We don't understand what you are on about.

KaratsukeNumemon: Don’t play dumb, we know you’re all in league with Grumblemon. 

All but Neemon (still sleeping): Uh! 

Takuya (thinking): This can’t get any worse. 

A boulder blasts off the cliff side leaving a hole. 

All: Huh? 

A digimon starts talking to himself as he leaves. 

Digimon: Now give fractal code or bad things be happen. 

Takuya: Oh yeah? Says who? 

The voice gets louder. 

Digimon: Say me, as you say me too what you know who I am. 

A troll looking digimon comes out. 

Digimon: You call me Grumblemon! 

All: Uh! 

Zoe sees a symbol for a Legendary Warrior on his belt. 

Zoe: Hey, look at that symbol. 

Donald: Is he...

Takuya: He’s also a....a Legendary Warrior?! 

Grumblemon: Give fractal code...or else... 

Takuya: Or else what? 

Grumblemon: You do not want to know what or else is. 

Bokomon: I didn’t realize there were bad Legendary Warriors. 


Crash Bandicoot: We won't let the dog and friends get hurt. We should help them. 

Grumblemon: Why for human yo-yos? 

The KaratsukeNumemon at top have mini sickles next to the ropes holding the kids. 

Elder: Grumblemon, if you want to save your allies give us back our women now! 

JP: Those knives are a little close there! 


They all look up. 

All: Uh! 

Grumblemon: What so? Me no care about what happen to weak human things. 

Elder: Huh? Hm! 

He holds it closer. 

All but Koji and Neemon freak out. 

Grumblemon: Hm, hm, hm... 

Elder: Wait, you mean you really don’t care about them? But they’re Legendary Warriors too! 

Grumblemon: Huh? These weaklings be Legendary Warriors? Hm, me thinks somebody got their hands on some spirits and took them when they shouldn’t have! Now I to put my hands on you and take them all right back! 

All: Ah! 

He reaches into the ground. 

All: Huh? 

He pulls out a giant spiked hammer. 

Grumblemon: So! 

He starts to swing it. 

Elder: Wait, what’s going on here? You mean you aren’t allies? 

Tommy: That’s what we’ve been trying to tell you! 

Fico: Yeah!

Grumblemon swings it right them and they all go up a little to miss it, the elder drops a sickle and the KaratsukeNumemon climb up. 

Koji pushes out from the wall and the spinning sickle cuts him free. 

Koji: Aaahhhh!!!!!!! 

Zoe: Koji!!! 

A bright light is below him. 

Koji: Spirit! Execute...Spirit Evolution! 

Lobomon: Lobomon! 

Lobomon uses the cut rope as a vine and swings over to kick Grumblemon and him into a house on the cliff side. 

Grumblemon takes a few swing sat Lobomon ho jumps out of their way. 

Lobomon: Howling Laser! 

Grumblemon dodges it. 

On the ledge the KaratsukeNumemon have the kids freed. 

Elder: I’m so sorry, I have made a grave mistake. 

Ryan: We could make a great team.

Takuya: Look there’s no time for that now, but later... 

All: Huh? 

They see Lobomon carrying Grumblemon down into another house below. 

The crash makes a hole on the ‘roof’ through the middle and one on the other side leaving Lobomon holding on by his fingers. 

Grumblemon walks over, snickering and steps on his hands. 

Lobomon: Aaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!! 

He lets that hand go and Grumblemon stomps the other. 

Lobomon: Aaahhhh! 

They try to see. 

Zoe: Lobomon! 

Takuya: We have to spirit evolve too. 

All: Mm hm! Execute...Spirit Evolution! 

Agunimon: Agunimon! 

Dogmon: Dogmon!

Ottermon: Ottermon!

Anteatermon: Anteatermon!

Goatmon: Goatmon!

Ladybugmon: Ladybugmon!

Flamingomon: Flamingomon!

Beetlemon: Beetlemon! 

Kazemon: Kazemon! 

Kumamon: Kumamon! 

Grumblemon: Ha ha ha ha ha ha. 

He holds up his hammer. 

Grumblemon: Hm? 

He looks up and sees Beetlemon and Anteatermon holding onto his hammer. 

Beetlemon: Careful, you could hurt someone with this.


Grumblemon pushes up and he ends up on the ‘roof’ with Beetlemon and Agunimon. 

Beetlemon: Don’t you think it’s time you gave up? 

Kazemon flies Kumamon in through the door. 

Kazemon reaches a hand. 

Kazemon: Give me your hand! 

Lobomon turns his head. 

Lobomon: Uh, huh. 

Kazemon: Cut the macho act and give me your hand! 

Goatmon: Or you could fall to your room!

Lobomon: Oh! 

He gives her the free hand and she pulls him in. 

On the ‘roof’. 

Agunimon: Pyro Darts! 

Dogmon: Ragnarok!

Grumblemon uses his hammer to block every flame. 

Beetlemon: Lightning Blitz! 

Anteatermon: Wind Shot!

The electrical head butt knocks and blast Grumblemon into the air but he uses his arms and burrows into the wall. 

Beetlemon: So, you want to start digging or should I? 


Lobomon: Thanks. 

Kazemon: Pego! Glad to do it. 

Lobomon: Okay guys here’s the plan, while I’m fighting Grumblemon you free the captives and get all the KaratsukeNumemon someplace safe, you got it? 

Kumamon: You bet! 

Ottermon: Got it! 

Kazemon: Mm hm. 

Ladybugmon: Okay!

Kazemon and Ladybugmon flies Kumamon and Ottermon out of the house and Lobomon and Sora jumps through the hole in the roof. 

Lobomon: What’s wrong now? 

Agunimon is looking around. 

Agunimon: We don’t know where Grumblemon is. 

Dogmon: He's gone!

Lobomon: You don’t know!? 

Grumblemon emerges from the wall with his hammer ready to strike, Agunimon and Dogmon jumps up, and Lobomon readies his arm. 

Lobomon: You tryin’ to get shot? 

Agunimon: Huh? 

He looks and sees he’s trying to shoot and Grumblemon knocks Agunimon down. 

Agunimon & Dogmon: Aaahhhh! 

Grumblemon: Away now! 

Lobomon: You should’ve just let me handle it. 

Agunimon and Dogmon is falling along the cliff side. 

Agunimon: Aaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Agunimon and Dogmon grabs onto a ladder along the side. 

Grumblemon pops up. 

Grumblemon: Peek-a-boo! Ha! 

He hits, but misses Agunimon and Dogmon. 

Lobomon aims. 

Beetlemon: Agunimon! 

Anteatermon: Dogmon!

Grumblemon swing at Agunimon and Dogmon, whose dangling from the ladder, and misses. 

Lobomon: Get outta the way. 

Ryan: Leave him alone!

Grumblemon hit Agunimon on the head. 

Beetlemon and Anteatermon: That’s enough! 

They flies in and carries Agunimon and Dogmon off leaving Lobomon the perfect shot. 

Lobomon: Yes! 

Grumblemon: Uh-oh! 

He buries again. 

Lobomon: Ugh! Now where are you? 

He pops up behind Lobomon. 

Lobomon: You want, yes? 

Lobomon: Uh! 

He turns and sees him. 

Grumblemon: Too late! 

He hits Lobomon with the hammer knocking him over. 

Lobomon: Aaaaaahhhhhhhhh! 

Beetlemon flies in. 

In the cave. 

Kazemon: Hurricane Waves! 

Goatmon: Aeroga!

The wind breaks the lock freeing the women KaratsukeNumemon. 

The women: Ah. 

Kumamon: Right this way, ladies.

Ottermon: And hurry! 

The women walk out and meet the men. 

The elder walks to them. 

Elder: We owe you a great debt, brave heroes. 

Kumamon, Ottermon, Goatmon and Kazemon: Mm, hm, hm. 

A crash is heard. 

All 3: Huh? 

Kumamon & Ottermon: Rain. 

Neemon: Careful, it’s slick!  

He hits Kumamon, Dogmon, Ottermon, Agunimon, and Lobomon knocking them off the ladder. 

Kumamon: Hey, grab onto me! 

He melts. 

Kumamon: Frozen Tundra! 

He turns into ice and sticks on the wall for Lobomon, Dogmon, Ottermon and Agunimon to grab onto. 

Beetlemon flies in only to be knocked out and knock Bokomon and Neemon off their bridge. 

Bokomon and Neemon: Aaahhhh! 

Beetlemon and Kazemon catch them. 

Bokomon: Whew! That was close. 

Gigasmon: Execute...Slide Evolution! 

Grumblemon: That it? That best you can do with your spirits? That pathetic! Even make pathetic look good! Execute...Beast Spirit Evolution! 

Gigasmon: You joke! 

Agunimon: Wait a minute! What’s going on? 

Bokomon: Rhino boy has two evolutions. 

Gigasmon: Now I take fractal code in name of Cherubimon! Ha! 

He sucks in the code leaving the mountain nothing to stand on. 

Gigasmon: Fractal Code Digitize! 

Elder: Our no more!!!!!!!! 

Cables rip and Kumamon, Dogmon, Ottermon, Ryan, Sora, Lobomon, and Agunimon fall. 

All 3: Aaaaaahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!! 

They fall into one hole and Kazemon, Ladybugmon, Goatmon, Flamingomon, Donald, Goofy, Sci-Ryan, Crash, Beetlemon, Bokomon, and Neemon fall into a chasm. 

Sci-Ryan: I came all the way to meet Sora for TTTHHHIIIIIIISSSSSS?!?!?!? 

The mountain fades to a molehill. 

Elder: Our home, our lives...gone! 

Gigasmon swallows the rest of the code.  

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