Zack, Drago, Pakarachi and Billy, Nyorori, Pochiro, Hols are helping Jason, Bakumaru and Tommy train for the Team Ninja Finals, but the Three trainees are not very cooperative with one another. Trini tells them that they need to "gung ho", or work together. Rita & Nyanma plans on sending the Super Putty Patrollers to Angel Grove.

As Tommy and Jason & Bakumaru continue to struggle to fight in unison, Bulk and Skull show off their two trainees who have clearly mastered "gung ho".

Rita, Nyanma and her goons create Super Putties in the monster machine. The Super Putties surprise Kimberly and Trini at a playground. When Trini is injured, Kimberly contacts the boys for help. The Putties prove to be too strong for the thirteen and they teleport to the Command Center. Jason, Bakumaru and Tommy With Wing & Batterball go to locate new weapons while the other four keep the Putties under control.

Jason and Tommy, each with one half of a map And Bakumaru With The ETO Hourglass, have difficulty agreeing to work in perfect harmony to find the weapons. Along the way, they're confronted by the guardian of the weapons, zord Titanus. The two morph and recognize that both of them are necessary in fulfilling this mission. Green Ranger transfers his shield to Red Ranger, and Red Ranger hands over his Power Sword. While Green Ranger distracts Titanus, Red Ranger gets to the box containing the weapons - The Thunder Slingers. The four return to the others just in time. The main five destroy the Super Putties with the Thunder Slingers.

At the competition, Tommy and Jason & Bakumaru win after utilizing "gung ho" against Bulk and Skull's Ninja duo

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