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Gunz Lazar


Gunz as Wiseman 2.0

Gunz Lazar
 is a new character and the new member of the Battle Brawlers in Arc 2 of Mechtanium Surge. Gunz has blond hair, wears a gray, with red lining, jumpsuit. His eyes are violet. He thinks of himself as Dan's greatest opponent, and has a somewhat cocky personality. He is a Haos brawler and his partner is Reptak. He was seen in Evil Arrival which he fought in the Neo Tournament in Bakugan City. However, he was lost since Wiseman Cometh. In Battle Suit Bash, he was revealed that he was captured by Wiseman and that he was absorbing Gunz`s energy as well as stealing his appearance using vines. He later freed himself in Enemy Infiltration. He later took on the Wiseman persona himself after Coredegon stopped using it, becoming a second Wiseman and vowing vengeance against Dan for turning Reptak against him. He was defeated and later abandoned the persona in Doom Dimension Throwdown, joining the Brawlers and reuniting with Reptak.


  • After permanently reforming, in Toonwriter's Adventures, any Nonets that are dead or sacrificed get revived by Yen Sid, and all the Nonet Bakugan and Reptak together became Gunz's Bakugan arsenal.

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