This is how Gwen's letter and Ryan and the gang meet Santa goes in Crash, Thomas and Ryan Meet Arthur Christmas.

[We see a girl waiting to cross the street]

[She crosses and posts a letter in a letter box on the other side. At the North Pole]

Gwen Hines: [voice-over] Dear Santa, are you real? If you live at the North Pole, then how come I can't see your house when I look on Google Earth? Are you Saint Nicholas? Because you'd be incredibly old. How do you have time to read all the letters from all the children in the world? And how many cookies and mince pies have you eaten in all of history? How do you get all the presents in the sack? Does your sack have to get bigger every year because of exponential population growth? And how do you get down the chimneys? I put my head in ours and it's really small. Even if you could squeeze down it in one minute there's nine houses in my road so that's nearly 10 minutes. And there are millions of roads in the world.

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