Mega Gyarados-1-

Mega Gyarados

is a Water/Flying-type Pokemon that resembles a giant sea dragon. There is also a red Gyarados in the Lake of Rage. It is the final form of Magikarp. In the anime, both Lance
Red Gyarados

Lance's Red Gyarados

and Misty own a Gyarados. Misty once had a fear over Gyarados due to the fact that she accidently went into its mouth when she was a baby. However, with the help of Nurse Joy, she managed to overcome her fear by calming a rampaging Gyarados at the Cerelean Gym and obtained it after gaining its trust.
Misty Gyarados-pokemon-anime-blue-300x225-1-

Misty's Gyarados


  • Like Lance, Jeffrey has a red Gyarados.
  • When Gyarados mega evolves, it changes its type into a Water/Dark-type.