Gypsy Rap is a song from Total Drama: World Tour.



Crash's, Thomas' and Ryan's Adventures of Total Drama: World Tour

We should have just gone left
We wouldn't be in this mess
[Meg Griffin and Sierra]
We said so too, but then Gwen (Ryan) used Cody's (Sci-Ryan's) EpiPen
[Crash Bandicoot]
Now if he gets bitten....
[Cody and Cody Fairbrother]
My (his) obituary's written!
Oh, what would we do then?
[Ryan F-Freeman and Gwen (rapping)]
Tied up, rope is no joke!
Spears in our face, get us out of this place
Ain't having the luck that we anticipated
Properly means we eliminated
Yeah, we're out
[Crash Bandicoot, Thomas (EG) and Heather]
Out! Ooh, ooh, yeah. Yeah. Yeah.


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