Here's how hacking into the drone goes in Wrath of the Century

[we now see the team hiding inside an old building in Manehatten. And Cade and Jimmy are haking in the drone]

[later they start watching videos of Trainbots being murdered]

Jimmy: Gas Planet! this is brutal!

Piston Spark: Oh, man. They've got Socket.

Spiker: Sparkshot's gonna be very mad when he finds out.

Peter Sam: This is a catastophre!

Rheneas: Who is he?

Trax: He's Sparkshot's cousin.

Zoe Trent: De... they've killed his cousin?! HOW DARE THEY!!!! [growls]

Apple Bloom: Man, Ah'd be anger too if someone killed any of mah' cousins.

Babs Seed: Me too!

Penny Ling: Likewise.

Cade: It's located at the center of the city.

Sharon: [to the T-850] What building is TBC industries in?

T-850: The main building where TBC industries is located is south of Aunt and Uncle Orange's apartment inside a building that used to be a process plant.

Applejack: Ah've seen that buildin' before.

James: That's where Suri Polomare is.

Zoe Trent: [growls] That rude mare! Trying to ruin Rarity's chance of coompeting in a fashion contest is one thing, but this is worse!

Brian: Let's go get 'em!

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