Happy Birthday, Princess Luna Poster
Happy Birthday, Princess Luna!
is the third episode of the first season of Yuna's Princess Adventure.


Today is Princess Luna's Birthday, Princess Yuna wanted to find the perfact gift for her mother.

Polishing the Royal Sisters' shoes/Today is Luna's birthday!

One day, It was Princess Luna's Birthday, She and Princess Clestia have their Shoes polished for a very sepcial occasion.

The flashback of Luna's birth

Then, Princess Yuna showed up and spoke to her Aunt Celestia about the night Princess Luna was born, So Celestia told her the story.

Yuna and Dusty finds the perfect gift

After the story, Yuna decided to find the perfect gift for her mother, So she went to speak to her father about it.

Found the perfect gift

So, Yuna, Dusty and Hiro found the perfect gift, So Yuna and Dusty decided to invite they're friends.

Inviting some friends/Birthday Party

After so friends arrives, Yuna give Luna the perfect birthday gift, The Moonlight Amulet.

Yuna's Speech/Best Birthday Ever

Then, Princess Yuna had a speech, She honored her Mother's Birthday speech about the beauty of the Full moon that suits her, Princess Luna loved her daughter's speech and the gift she recived.



  1. Music score -
  2. You'll Be in My Heart - Young Celestia
  3. Make A Wish - Pinkie Pie
  4. Best Day Ever! - Princess Yuna

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