Happy Birthday, SpongeBob! is the tenth episode of the first season of SpongeBob's Ponyville Adventure.


It was SpongeBob's Birthday, He longed wanted to have a special one. But, He thought everyone and everypony has forgotten all about it. They think he was't real.

SpongeBob's Birthday is today

One day in Bikini Bottom, SpongeBob SquarePants was excited because today was his birthday. So, He decided to go meet his friends in Ponyville.

A Strange Mystery

When SpongeBob arrived in Rainbow Castle, He was surprised that it was completely empty. No Pony was home.

Twilight's plan for SpongeBob's birthday/Handing out Invitations

Meanwhile with Twilight and Spike, They're organizing a birthday party for SpongeBob at Sugarcube Corner. Soon, Rainbow Dash started handing out invitations around Equestria as Gary starts in Bikini Bottom.

Searching in Sweet Apple Acres/Pinkie Pie prepares the cake

Back with SpongeBob, He was searching for the Apples in Sweet Apple Acres which is totally empty. At Sugarcube Corner, Pinkie Pie was preparing a special birthday cake for SpongeBob with a frosting and view of his Neighborhood.

On the search in the Carousel Boutique and the Everfree Forest

On the way at the Carousel Boutique, SpongeBob searched for Fluttershy at her cottage and Zecora at her hut. Then, He searched for Rarity and Sweetie Belle at the Boutique. It was really strange for SpongeBob, But he just kept looking for his friends.

The Search goes on/Being led by Owlowiscious

As SpongeBob kept searching, He didn't noticed that he was being led by Owlowiscious, Twilight's pet owl.

Playing scavenger hunt with the Cutie Mark Crusaders

Just then, SpongeBob met up with Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo who invited him to play a scavenger hunt. So, SpongeBob agreed to play along.

SpongeBob's first clue/Twilight's book of Equestria was found

As they're started the scavenger hunt, SpongeBob found the book of Equestria.

Arriving at Sugarcube Corner/Surprise!

As SpongeBob, Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo Arriving at Sugarcube Corner, There was a surprise birthday party for SpongeBob SquarePants. All his friends and new friends from Bikini Bottom are here including SpongeBob's whole family.

SpongeBob's best birthday ever

Everyone cheered and the party began, SpongeBob thanked Twilight, Applejack, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, Rarity, Rainbow Dash, Sunset, Starlight, Spike and all of his friends for the very best birthday party he'd ever had in Equestria.



  1. It's Best Day Ever Song - SpongeBob


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