(The newspaper publish)

(The magazines publish)

Chorus: ♪I seen a peanut stand, heard a rubber band♪

♪I've seen a needle that winked its eye♪

♪Girls: ♪But I be done seen about everything♪ 

♪When I see an elephant fly♪ 

Crows: (as Lilo & Stitch's group watch happily) ♪Oh, my♪ 

♪When I see♪

(The train whistles)

Crows: ♪When I see♪ 

(The train whistles)

Crows: ♪When I see an elephant fly♪ 

Glasses Crow: Look at him go!

Crows: ♪When I see an elephant fly♪ 

Preacher Crow: Happy landing, son!

Glasses Crow: Yippee!

Crows: (as Lilo & Stitch's group wave goodbye to them) ♪When I see an elephant fly♪♪

Straw Hat Crow: I wish I'd have got his autograph!

Fat Crow: Hey, man, I got his autograph.

Glasses Crow: Well, so long, glamour boy!

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