(Next morning)

(Horse whinnies)

(The army of Philos leave)

Mathayus: Stay here with us, Balthazar. There's much work to be done.

Balthazar: I have to look after my own people. You're a king now, Akkadian, and a good one, I think.

Pooh: We have been good friends, aren't we?

Balthazar: Yes, Pooh bear. We have been. Don't forget how you got here or the people you came from.

Mathayus: My people will live on through me. Remember, there'll always be a place for you here. Live free.

(Mathayus and Balthazar shake hands to each other)

Balthazar: Rule well. (He gets on his horse) Remember, Nubian eyes will be watching you, Scorpion King.

Hunter: I guess this is farewell, my friend.

Balthazar: Thanks, Hunter. Goodbye, my friends.

(Balthazar leaves)

Pooh: Goodbye, Balthazar.

Sherman: (in Pinocchio's voice) Goodbye.

(Music: Reunited from An America Tail plays)

Eeyore: Well, that was very exciting. What will we do now?

Piglet: We'd better back to the Hundred Acre Wood.

Danny: Pooh, Tigger, can Sawyer and I join your team?

Tigger: Why, certainly.

Moley: Can we join you too?

Rabbit: Why, yes. You are welcome to join our team too.

Boo Boo: Oh, Princess Paw, I will miss you.

Princess Paw: I--I'll miss you too very much.

(Boo Boo is about to leave)

Brave Paw: Wait. (to Princess Paw) We will let you join Pooh bear's team.

Princess Paw: Really?

Brave Paw: Yeah. They will need you. And Boo Boo loves you. Go on.

(Princess Paw smiles, hugs Brave Paw and runs to Boo Boo)

(Boo Boo smiles and hugs her)

Pooh: Brave Paw, you let her join us three?

Brave Paw: Yes, Cousin Pooh. We will be all right. And so will she.

Tigger: How do you know? Are you sure, Brave Paw?

Brave Paw: Yes, Tigger, I'm sure.

Rabbit: You mean it?

Brave Paw: Oh, yes. Princess Paw is Boo Boo's true love.

Piglet: You're very welcome to join us, Princess Paw.

Princess Paw: Why, thank you, Piglet.

Brave Paw: Looks like this is goodbye, Pooh and Princess Paw.

Paw Paw Bears: Bye. (They leave)

Pooh and friends: Bye.

Mathayus: Bye, guys, and good luck on your next adventures.

Pooh: Thanks, Mathayus. Goodbye.

Hunter: Let's hit the road, Rover!

(The car drives)

Cassandra: I see a time of great peace and prosperity ahead.

Mathayus: How is it you see this? Don't the legends say you'll lose your powers if you--(smiles)

Cassandra: Can you think of a better way to keep a king from taking advantage? Well, neither could my ancestors.

Mathayus: And howl long will this time of peace last?

Cassandra: Nothing lasts forever, my king. That is the destiny of all kingdoms.

Mathayus: Then we'll make our own destiny.

(Mathayus and Cassandra kiss each other)

(Everyone applauds)

(They return into the palace)

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