{fade to evening, Madame's mansion}

Madame: Now, my pets, a little closer together. Good. Good. Look, Georges. What do you think?

Georges: Very good. Very good. But I think we should get on with the will.

Madame: Yes, yes, of course, but you know what to do.

Georges: Very well. Scratch one butler.

Madame: You know, Geroges, if Edgar had only known about the will, I'm sure he never would have left. Duchess, how wonderful to have you all back. [She combs O'Malley] And I think this young man is very handsome. Shall we keep him in the family? [Kittens meow] Of course we will. We need a man around the house. And, Georges, we must be sure to provite for their future little ones.

[O'Malley gulps]

Georges: Of course. The more the merrier.

Madame: Now don't move. Smile. Say cheese.

[Cats smile]

Roquefort: Did somebody say cheese?

Madame: Thank you. Now, run along downstairs. There's a surprise for you.

[Music plays]

Georges: Adelaide, what's that music? Sounds like a gang of swinging hepcats.

Madame: That's exactly what they are, Georges. They're the start of my new foundation.

Georges: What foundation?

Madame: My home for all the alley cats of Paris.

Cats: Everybody, everybody,

Everybody wants to be a cat!

Everybody, everybody,

Everybody wants to be a cat!

Frou-frou: Everybody, everybody,

Everybody wants to be a cat!

Waldo: Everybody - whopee!

Everybody wants to be a cat!

Cats: Everybody, everybody,

Everybody wants to be a cat!

Lafayette: Hey, Napoleon, that sounds like the end.

Napoleon: Wait a minute, I'm the leader, I'll say when it's the end. It's the end.

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