Traveling Haradrim Tribesmen.

The Haradrim, are people who are native to; and come from the southern realm of, Haradwaith; or Harad for short. They are notorious for their alliance with Orcs, fighting with an advanced army of infantry and cavalry; and one of the things they're most reveared for in battle are their beasts of burden known as, The Mumakil; or Oliphaunts.

Culture and People

Not much is known about the people of Harad; but they appear to have many similaraties with people of African, Persian, and Sub-Indian Asian, Middle-Eastern and other exotic cultures. They are sometimes nomadic, and their home cities are presumably built near coasts. Their symbol of heritage is, The Black Serpent in Scarlet; as barred on their flag.

The haradrim are known to be tall, dark-haired, and swarthy or sallow-skinned people who wear mostly red, black, yellow and scarlet clothing, and are even braded gold; which suggests that they may even be a rich people. Their military is varied for their soldiers baring spears and scimitars with rounded shields, archers with bamboo bows arrows, and horsemen lead by the so-called Royal Serpent Guard. Of course one thing of all that the people of Harad are best renoun for are their Mûmakil; a large breed or species of elephant which they tammed or domesticated to their advantage, be it in war or for manual purposes.



  • There are various scenarios as to why they join forces with orcs, and one possible theory is that they may have been convinced to do say by Saruman, who was also good once until he too turned wrong.
  • The Haradrim are not to be confused for The Easterlings; while the two cultures may be similar to a degree, they are not the same people, as The Haradrim are people of the south, hence why their sometimes referred to as "Southtrons" while The Easterlings are people of the east, thus giving them their name.
  • They will make their first appearence in, "Dangerous Game"; an original story about a hostage situation regaurding friends of the Fantasy Films Crew.

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