Harmony Force Rangers (New Rangers 2)

The Harmony Force Rangers are a group of Power Rangers chosen by Ransik and his alliance to protect all innocence and the Earth from Evil Hands with some help from the groups of Legendary Power Rangers including the Data Squad Rangers who came from the future.

Home Bases

  • The Secret Lab
  • The Crystal Prep Secret Lab


Digimon Partners


Color Name
Magic Harmony Force Ranger Twilight Sparkle Cyber Twilight
Loyalty Harmony Force Ranger Rainbow Dash Cyber Rainbow Dash
Laughter Harmony Force Ranger Pinkie Pie Cyber Pinkie
Generosity Harmony Force Ranger Rarity Cyber Rarity
Honesty Harmony Force Ranger Applejack Cyber Applejack
Kindness Harmony Force Ranger Fluttershy Cyber Fluttershy
Wisdom Harmony Force Ranger Sunset Shimmer Cyber Sunset
Courage Harmony Force Ranger Spike Cyber Spike
Hope Harmony Force Ranger Starlight Glimmer Cyber Starlight
Passionate Harmony Force Ranger Mirage


Transformation Devices

  • Magic Morpher
  • Honesty Morpher
  • Kindness Morpher
  • Laughter Morpher
  • Generosity Morpher
  • Loyalty Morpher
  • Wisdom Morpher
  • Courage Morpher
  • Hope Morpher
  • Passionate Morpher
  • Digivice of Harmony


Twilight Sparkle

  • Magic Sword
  • Elemental Sword
  • Magic Drive Lance
  • Magic Hammerhead Shark Sabers
  • Magic Power Sword
  • Red Magic Omega Sword
  • Magic Samurai Fan
  • Magic Magi Staff
  • Magic Eagle Blaster
  • Magic Deltamax Striker
  • Magic Turbo Blade

Rainbow Dash

  • Loyalty Crossbow
  • Loyalty Drive Driller
  • Loyalty Ox Lance
  • Loyalty Power Axe
  • Grey Loyalty Cyber Delta Cannon
  • Loyalty Samurai Bow
  • Loyalty Magi Staff
  • Loyalty Turtle Boomerang
  • Loyalty Delta Blasters
  • Loyalty Turbo Club

Pinkie Pie

  • Laughter Lances
  • Laughter Drive Baton
  • Laughter White Puma Daggers
  • Laughter Power Shield
  • Blue Laughter Delta Lance
  • Laughter Samurai Stunner
  • Laughter Magi Staff
  • Laughter Rhino Axe
  • Laughter Deltamax Striker
  • Laughter Turbo Star Chargers


  • Generosity Staff
  • Generosity Drive Slammer
  • Generosity Flying Squirrel Fans
  • Generosity Power Bow
  • Pink Generosity Power Hammer
  • Generosity Samurai Wand
  • Generosity Magi Staff
  • Generosity Peacock Baton
  • Generosity Deltamax Striker
  • Generosity Turbo Shingo Hammer


  • Honesty Axe
  • Honesty Drive Scooper
  • Honesty Leopard Gauntlets
  • Honesty Power Spear
  • Green Honesty Slasher Axe
  • Honesty Samurai Striker
  • Honesty Magi Staff
  • Honesty Double Dragon Swords
  • Honesty Deltamax Striker
  • Honesty Turbo Cannon


  • Kindness Daggers
  • Kindness Drive Geyser
  • Kindness Mammoth Mace
  • Kindness Power Lance
  • Yellow Kindness Flaming Daggers
  • Kindness Samurai Slicer
  • Kindness Magi Staff
  • Kindness Butterfly Bow
  • Kindness Deltamax Striker
  • Kindness Turbo Wind Fire

Sunset Shimmer

  • Light Wisdom Keyblade
  • Wisdom Drive Claws
  • Wisdom Lion Saber
  • Wisdom Power Clubs
  • Purple Wisdom Hearted Wand
  • Wisdom Samurai Spear
  • Wisdom Magi Staff
  • Wisdom Swallow Mirror
  • Wisdom Deltamax Striker
  • Wisdom Turbo Speed Crossbow


  • Courage Blasters
  • Courage Drive Vortex
  • Courage Otter Nunchucks
  • Courage Power Daggers
  • Black Courage Divewing Keyblade
  • Courage Samurai Baton
  • Courage Magi Staff
  • Courage Tiger Saber
  • Courage Deltamax Striker
  • Courage Turbo Hand Blasters

Starlight Glimmer

  • Triple Hope Baton
  • Hope Drive Sword
  • Hope Peacock Blades
  • Hope Power Hammer
  • Heliotrope Hope Flower Rod
  • Hope Samurai Claw
  • Hope Magi Staff
  • Hope Snake Ribbon
  • Hope Deltamax Striker
  • Hope Turbo Shimmer Baton


  • Passionate Spinner
  • Passionate Drive Daggers
  • Passionate Parrot Baton
  • Passionate Power Disc
  • Orange Passionate Automatic Boomerang
  • Passionate Samurai Rod
  • Passionate Magi Staff
  • Passionate Gorilla Ball
  • Passionate Omega Blaster
  • Passionate Turbo Fire Cannon


  • Tomodachi Bazooka

Harmony Zords

  • Magic Alicorn Zord
  • Honesty Earth Pony Zord
  • Kindness Pegasus Zord
  • Laughter Earth Pony Zord
  • Generosity Unicorn Zord
  • Loyalty Pegasus Zord
  • Wisdom Unicorn Zord
  • Courage Dragon Zord
  • Hope Unicorn Zord
  • Passionate Alicorn Zord

Adventure Power

  • Magic Med Driver
  • Honesty Shovel Driver
  • Kindness Sub Driver
  • Laughter Wheeler Driver
  • Generosity Racer Driver
  • Loyalty Jet Driver
  • Wisdom Roller Driver
  • Courage Runner Driver
  • Hope Turbo Driver
  • Passionate Skyship Driver

Animal Power

  • Magic Hammerhead Shark Animal Spirit
  • Honesty Black Leopard Animal Spirit
  • Kindness Mammoth Animal Spirit
  • Laughter White Puma Animal Spirit
  • Generosity Flying Fox Animal Spirit
  • Loyalty Ox Animal Spirit
  • Wisdom Lion Animal Spirit
  • Courage Otter Animal Spirit
  • Hope Peacock Animal Spirit
  • Passionate Parrot Animal Spirit

Dinosaur Power

  • Magic Tyrannosaurus Dino Zord
  • Honesty Apatosaurus Dino Zord
  • Kindness Triceratops Dino Zord
  • Laughter Solth Dino Zord
  • Generosity Pterodactyl Dino Zord
  • Loyalty Mammoth Dino Zord
  • Wisdom Stegosaurus Dino Zord
  • Courage Saber Toothed Tiger Dino Zord
  • Hope Argentinosaurus Dino Zord
  • Passionate Dragon Zord

Electronic Power

  • Red Magic Omega Zord
  • Green Honesty Slasher Zord
  • Yellow Kindness Flaming Zord
  • Blue Laughter Delta Zord
  • Pink Generosity Power Zord
  • Grey Loyalty Metal Zord
  • Purple Wisdom Hearted Zord
  • Black Courage Jet Zord
  • Heliotrope Hope Unicorn Zord
  • Orange Passionate Automatic Zord

Japan Power

  • Magic Crane Zord
  • Honesty Bear Zord
  • Kindness Rabbit Zord
  • Laughter Hippo Zord
  • Generosity Flamingo Zord
  • Loyalty Wildcat Zord
  • Wisdom Panda Zord
  • Courage Dolphin Zord
  • Hope Owl Zord
  • Passionate Lion Zord

Myth Power

  • Magic Fairy Zord
  • Honesty Sea Serpent Zord
  • Kindness Yeti Zord
  • Laughter Pegasus Zord
  • Generosity Mermaid Zord
  • Loyalty Imp Zord
  • Wisdom Centaur Zord
  • Courage Chimera Zord
  • Hope Cupid Zord
  • Passionate Phoenix Zord

Ninja Power

  • Magic Eagle Zord
  • Honesty Dragon Zord
  • Kindness Butterfly Zord
  • Laughter Rhino Zord
  • Generosity Peacock Zord
  • Loyalty Turtle Zord
  • Wisdom Swallow Zord
  • Courage Tiger Zord
  • Hope Snake Zord
  • Passionate Gorilla Zord

Police Power

  • Magic Runner 1
  • Honesty Runner 2
  • Kindness Runner 3
  • Laughter Runner 4
  • Generosity Runner 5
  • Loyalty Runner 6
  • Wisdom Runner 7
  • Courage Runner 8
  • Hope Runner 9
  • Passionate Runner 10

Transport Power

  • Magic Mist Sparkle Zord
  • Honesty Passion Ringo Zord
  • Kindness Mariposa Galaxy Zord
  • Laughter Air Maker Zord
  • Generosity Crystal Star Zord
  • Loyalty Speed Chaser Zord
  • Wisdom Atlantic Wave Zord
  • Courage Fuji Blaster Zord
  • Hope Zephyr Lover Zord
  • Passionate Flaming Bird Zord


  • Elemental Megazord
  • Mega Rescue Harmony Megazord
  • Wild Jungle Harmony Megazord
  • Dino Harmony Paleo Megazord
  • Zeo Harmony Space Megazord
  • Ninjetti Harmony Samurai Megazord
  • Galactic Thunder Mystic Harmony Megazord
  • Shogun Harmony Ninja Megazord
  • Time Energy Harmony Delta Megazord
  • Turbo Harmony Gear Traffic Megazord
  • Elemental Ultrazord

Legendary Megazord Formation

  • Legendary Mighty Morphin Formation
  • Legendary Squadron Formation
  • Legendary Ninjetti Formation
  • Legendary Aquitar Formation
  • Legendary Zeo Formation
  • Legendary Turbo Formation
  • Legendary In Space Formation
  • Legendary Lost Galaxy Formation
  • Legendary Lightspeed Rescue Formation
  • Legendary Time Force Formation
  • Legendary Wild Force Formation
  • Legendary Ninja Storm Formation
  • Legendary Dino Thunder Formation
  • Legendary S.P.D. Formation
  • Legendary Mystic Force Formation
  • Legendary Operation Overdrive Formation
  • Legendary Jungle Fury Formation
  • Legendary R.P.M. Formation
  • Legendary Samurai Formation
  • Legendary Megaforce and Super Megaforce Formation
  • Legendary Dino Charge Formation
  • Legendary Ninja Steel Formation
  • Legendary Energy Chasers Formation
  • Legendary Unofficial Mega Formation
  • Legendary T.Q.G. Formation
  • Legendary Wild Prime Formation
  • Legendary Techno Force Formation
  • Legendary Data Squad Formation


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