Everyone is happy that they got their Potions and their items are back

Ryan: Everything in Hogwarts is back.

Slughorn: Listen here, Harry Potter. You got everything back from the Death Eaters, as well. And for that, I'm very grateful. But please promise you won't be late for you next class! And even though. Don't even think about make some Potion from my office.

Harry Potter: Don't worry, I won't. And I think I could use some help for you. You must be tired from all the Potion's you make. And- I wouldn't mind a second chance to make some potion from myself right.

Slughorn: (Sigh) Yes. Making Potion can be tired. But let me feel you Something, Harry. Seeing the happy faces of all the Student like your friends, when they discover how you use some magic and Spell like us, and this time they will know what it takes to be Wizard. And you, Harry- you always look after your friends and your heart. What if something tried to take all of that away form you? We both have very important things to do, Harry. Mine is to take care of Hogwarts, and yours is to take care of your friends. So we each have to do the very best we can. After all, you're the hero of hogswarts- Harry Potter. The Famous Chosen One. The True Wizard! And even though you're parents will be proud of you, Harry... and Hogwarts is your home. Don't you see? Students rely on both of us to do our jobs. Hogwarts needs your attention... and I know Hogsmeade needs mine- urgently.

Harry Potter: You're right. I am the True Wizard of Hogwarts! And if Hogwarts got some trouble, they always need my help. And I can help everyone in Hogwarts!

Ron: That's the Spirit, Harry. Come on, let's go with them.

Ryan: Alright, everyone, let's go.

They went to the Portal

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