Harry, Ron and Hermione's Adventures of The Little Mermaid is an upcoming film by Shadow101815. It will premeire on Google Drive in the near future.


Harry Potter and the his friends go underwater and meet Ariel, a mermaid princess with a voice of an angel and help her learn about the human world to get the prince of her dreams before Ursula the sea witch whom Draco Malfoy works for, takes control of the sea.


  • Dylan (Shadow101815), Rebecca, Noah, and Draco Malfoy will guest star in this film.
  • In one scene of the movie, not only that Ariel made a deal with Ursula if she fails to kiss Prince Eric and that she will be hers forever, Harry will also be hers forever as well in case if Harry can't help Ariel kiss Prince Eric.
  • This film will also have a bonus ending where Draco is defeated by Harry Potter, and that his father will ask him to work for Tzekel-Kan.

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