This is how Hawk Moth influences Budgie in The Rise of Ladybug.

[The akuma lands on Budgie's tuft of hair. A butterfly shape forms around his eyes]

Hawk Moth: Hawk Moth is my name. Rotor is now yours.

Budgie the Little Helicopter: Really? What are my powers?

Hawk Moth: I hereby grant you the ability to create huge winds, wirlwinds and twisters. And I need to do a task for me when the time is right, if it's ok with you.

Budgie the Little Helicopter: You got it, Hawk Moth. Rotor is on the job.

[Budgie lets the akuma cossume him]

Budgie the Little Helicopter: No more mr. nice copter.

[Budgie turns into Rotor]

Rotor: Time to bring on the wind.

[Rotor flies off]

Thomas: Hi, Twilight.

Twilight Sparkle: Hey, Thomas.

[A strong wind begins blowing. Thomas and Twilight look up]

Twilight Sparkle: What's happening?

[Rotor appears]

Thomas: Budgie? What are you doing here? And why are you like that?

Ryan F-Freeman: Please don't tell me the Dazzlings got you under their spell.

Rotor: Oh. I'm not Budgie the Little Helicopter anymore. I'm Rotor.

[Rotor blows a strong wind]

Sci-Ryan: If you would use Twilight's amulet on me, am I transform into a Midnight Sparkle version of myself, Ryan?

[A fierce wind blows]

Ryan F-Freeman: What is that?!

Rotor: [evil laugh]

Ryan F-Freeman: The Dazzlings! I knew it. They're controlling you, Budgie!!!!

Rotor: Oh, Ryan. I'm not controlled by the Dazzlings. I'm not Budgie either.

Ryan F-Freeman: I'll remove you!![uses his magic to remove Hawk Moth off of Budgie]

Rotor: HA! If I can posses Budgie. Maybe I can possess you!!!

[Midnight Sparkle used her magic to separate Dark Ryan from Ryan and the akuma strengthens]

Ryan F-Freeman: Uh oh.

Rotor: Oh, Ryan. With your body my power will be increased and will continue to grow until Hawk Moth will have power to defeat Ladybug and Cat Noir!

Dark Ryan F-Freeman: Oh you're wrong. Unlike you, I CAN have everything I want!

Ryan F-Freeman: Uh, Dark Ryan?

Dark Ryan F-Freeman: What did I say, Ryan?

Ryan F-Freeman: You meant to say what Sunset said to Midnight.

Dark Ryan F-Freeman: I said what Midnight Sparkle said. Sorry. [clears throat] Budgie! You can't do this!

Rotor: Why not? This is Ryan over there and he's just filled with magic!

Dark Ryan F-Freeman: But, you're destroying him to get it!

Ryan F-Freeman: I want to understand magic but I'm too young to be exterminated!

[Dark Ryan saves Ryan and he gets in Dark Ryan's body]

Rotor: So what? There's more magic

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