X finally encounter Sigma

X: Great to see you, Sigma!

Sigma: Great to see you too, X.

X: You have to leave the city now!

Gumdramon: And we are helping him!

X: And time, Sigma. let's face each other. Right now!

Sigma: Must be very violence to you. I'd hate to be responsible for the death of your friend and Dr Light, X...

X: I'm going to face my past!

Sigma: But what about your faithful subject? Have they?

Axl: Um.. X? What's he talking about?

Sigma: Go on. Tell them who's really did it for Zero's death!

X: I'm.. I'm responsible for his death.

All: (Gasp)

X: I got him... killed for protecting me.

Sigma: You admit you murders! If it weren't for you, your friend would still be alive. Do you deny it?

X: No! He risk his life to stop vile!

Sigma: You're in trouble again. But this time, you're friend isn't here to save you. And now your friends knows why!

He gonna fall off

Sigma: (Whisper) I gonna tell you Something... I order Vile to kill Zero.

He know that what happen to him

X: Nooooo!!!!

He push him against the wall

X: You murderer! Tell them!

Sigma: All right! All right! I killed Zero.

X: Louder!

Sigma: I killed Zero!

All: (Gasp)

They are fighting them

Gumdramon: X! Go after Sigma!

They are fighting them, and then Rush are in trouble

Rush: Help me!

They are fighting the Robot's and they did it

Rush: Thanks.

Damemon: Where's X?

Axl: He went over there.

They ran off to find him, and he gonna defeat Sigma 

Shoutmon: X!

He's gonna help him, but Gumdramon stop him

Gumdramon: This is his fight.

And then he defeated him

X I finally did it!

DemiDevimon: That was just a sneak preview! Because this ain't over- not by a long shot!

They saw Sigma come back to life

DemiDevimon: Anger and jealousy turned him into a Heartless! And, the world gonna be turned into darkness again... but this time, as the Maverick of Darkness!

X: That's what you think!

They are fighting Sigma and they defeated him

Hours Later

X finally save the cit and then the City is Glowing, Gumdramon put his Xros Loader down and it created a Crown Symbol, and then the Crest has appeared above, Gumdramon aim his Xros Loader and he got it

Rush: Whoa. What's with the light?

Gumdramon: We have to say Good-bye for a little while.

Axl: I'll tell X.

Whisper: He's probably busy. Just tell him we'll be back soon.

Axl: Oh, yeah. He's wants to protect the city. He's gonna be so busy save the world.

Shoutmon: Well, you always have some Adventures with him, right?

Rush: Guess he will.

Axl: What do you mean, "Guess he will"!? What if he forgets you that you were a friends to him? One look at you, and you're a robot dog.

Damemon: He's not a Robot okay, Axl.

Rush: Same thing. And I'm not gonna stay here from the dangers here!

He ran away

Axl: Great, now I have to get his dog back.

They left

Gumdramon: You can never forget your true friends.

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