Here’s how Sophia and her tribe helped Noby and his friends as they try to head back home in Noby Ran Away from Home: The Musical.

Noby: [puts his stuff in the rocket] Okay, all set

Gordon: Good

Riruru: Okay let’s go home.

Tino: But we can’t, Earth is way too far from here. How could we get back home now?

Sophia: I think we can help.

Doraemon: Sophia.

Sophia: My soldiers will fix your ship, and you be ready to go.

Sunset Shimmer: Thanks old friend.

Sophia: No mention it.

Shido: Maybe Tohka and Origami could help.

Sue: No Shido, her soldiers could fix the ship in the flash. [blushing, smiles at Noby]

Noby: (Sue, she really does loves me after all) Thanks Sue for saving me.

Sue: [blushing and smiling] No problem.

Brian: Okay guys, our rocket is fixed. Wow they did it fast.

Elsa: I know right?

Doraemon: Well guys, let’s go home.

Noby: Goodbye Sophia, I’ll miss you.

Sophia: Me too, Noby. Okay guys the quickest way back to Earth there is a guilty way that goes fast as lightning near here. You should get to Earth as quick as a flash.

Sneech: Thanks.

Big G: Bye

Ash: Good-bye. You take care of your kingdom.

Everyone: Good bye

Lor: Take care now

Noby: Good bye Sophia, thanks for everything.

Sophia: Goodbye. See ya. So long.

[The rocket blasts off to outer space where the guilty way is near the planet]

Riruru: There it is.

Alex: Okay guys hold on!

Rick: That’s right son, this is going to be a bumpy ride.

Noby: Here we go!!

[The rocket went so fast the guilty way has made it go super-duper fast and then the rocket made it back to planet Earth]

Sue and Noby: It’s Planet Earth!!!

Noby: Sorry about that.

Sue: [blushing and smiling]

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