Here's how the other head back to Canterlot in Snowdrop's Dino Movie.

Peter: [as Zeb] Okay, well this is awful!

Quagmire: I'll say!

[Then they see the wreckage]

Everyone: [agasps]

Soutlout: They're back!

[Everyone starts freaking out]

Fishleg: We're trapped!

Brian: Traps! That's it! We need traps! Gather up anything you can and make anykind of trap!

[we now see each of the team making their own unique traps. And set them up in the forest]

Brian: [evil cackles] Now, we'll see if they handle that!

[We now return to the Human Mane 5]

Human Rarity: Where's Snowdrop, Frostlord, and Eaglesight?

Human Rainbow: Yeah, they haven't came back, it'll be dark soon.

Human Pinkie: I've checked the playground. She wasn't there.

Human Applejak: And Ah' checked the play room. She ain't there.

Human Fluttershy: We gotta go look for her.

[They are no outside calling her name when Rainbow sees the fence]

Human Rainbow: "Dinosaur Park"? Haven't seen that before.

Human Rarity: You don't suppose that...

Human Fluttershy: She could be in there!

???: We have to find her!

[Primrose appears]

Human Pinkie: GHOST!!!!

Human Fluttershy: No! It's Primrose, Snowdrop's old mother! What are you doing here?

Primrose: I want to help you find her. She's my Snowdrop.

Human Rarity: Of course. we'd love your help, Miss. Primrose.

Primrose: Thank you, Rarity. Now let's hurry!

[They head inside]

[back with Snowdrop, Arlo, and her dragons]

Snowdrop: That was fun!

Arlo: Yeah!

[then they hear a roar]

Arlo: That's my father. He's calling for me.

Snowdrop: Then let's go find him. I forgot all about him!

[they then go racing off to find Arlo's father]

[Later Brian and Peter set up their own traps.]

Brian; Alright, once he comes he'll fall in the hole! [laughs]

Nightstriker: [growls]

Peter: Okay, here's how mine works; he'll eat the leaves and the axe will swing down and slice his head off!

Brian: Yeah!

Astrid: I never thought I'd ever say this but. That's a creative trap, Peter.

Human Rainbow: Princess Luna!

Princess Luna: Girls? What's wrong?

Human Fluttershy: Is Snowdrop with you?

Princess Luna: No.

Human Applejakc: Well, she ain't at the castle.

Yuna: Hold on, you're saying, she's gone?

Human Rarity: Yeah.

Yuna: Did you check the places she likes?

Human Rainbow: Every single one, she wasn't anyway in them.

Hiccup: Well, we gotta find her!

[they then hop on their dragons ands take to the skies]

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