This is where the team head for Kevin's home in Return to Paradise Falls

[Our heroes are still with Kevin, now deeper in the forest]

["The trial we Blaze" starts playing]

Skyla: Charge!

[Kevin runs to the forest but the 2 end back with our heroes]

Skyla: Uh, hi.

Brian: Skyla.

Kevin: [squawks]

[Later our heroes keep moving day and night]

Rarity: [goes in a creek]

Vinny: Ooh.

[It shows Brian peeling leeches off of her]

Rarity: Ow! Oooh, I hate Leeches! They really ruin my... OW!! coat! they're just so dis.. Ow! gusting!

Human Rraity: I'll say.

[Brian then pulls one last leech off]

Brian: There.

[Shows bite marks on Rarity's coat]

Rarity: What?

Brian: Nothing.

Zoe Trent: [nerviously] Yeah, you still look as radiant as you normally do! [smiles nerviously]

Rarity: Okay.

[They keep moving on]

Brian: Dinner is served!

Peter: So, what's on the menu?

[However a hawk snatches it away]

Brian: Oh, that's nice! It snatched my burned sushi!

Patrick: So now what?

Brian: I'll fish another fish.

[he then casts his fishing pole into the small creek and fishes]

[It then fades to our heroes under the blimp from rain.]

James: At least the Hiddenburg is keeping us dry.

[Next day]

[a frog croaks and Peter hits it, making it stop]

Peter: [yawns as he puts on his glasses] What the ship?

Brian: [wakes up] What?

Peter: That. [points to something]

[It shows another air ship]

Brian: What the hell?

Thomas: Another ship?

Pazu: There shouldn't be another ship, the Hiddenburg and the bench are the only ones here!

???: Because you're not alone.

[they look back and see some Deceptitrain droids!]

Thomas: Deceptitrains?!

Percy: But how?


Muska: I did it, my dear.

Brian: Oh, my God.

[they slowly look back and see Muska!]

Muska: Snoopy, Thomas, Twilight, Pazu, and Sheeta at last.

Brian: [activates his lightsaber] Get back!

Vinny: [also activates his]

Peter: Okay, let's go!

[the others then start to run off]


[The Deceptitrains race after them]

Brian: Hurry!

Skyla: I am hurrying!

[they then start jumping down rocky hill]

Kevin: [squawks]

[Kevin then runs along side them and then throws some of the team on her back]

Skyla: Whoa!

[the Deceptitrain droids are hot on their tail as they race on]

[but up above the jagged rocks pop many of the balloons on the bench, causing it to sink down a little]

[Then they come to a turn]

Brian: Watch out!

[the bench then hits a rock and Skyla falls off Kevin]

Nyx: Skyla!

[Skyla's tail then gets caught in one fo the ropes and is now being dragged behind Kevin]

Skyla: Whoa!

Pazu: GET BACK!!

[They go back]

[then Kevin start running along a cliffside]

Skyla: Whoa! AH!! [bumps into the side of the cliff] Oof! Bof!

[the Deceptitrains go around]

Skyla; HELP!! HELP!!

Belle: Hang on!

[then the rock towers Kevin's jumping on start to collapse behind them]

Skyla; AH!! GET ME BACK ON!!

Brian: [grabs her rope] I've got you!

[he then brings her closer and grabs her tail and puts her back on Kevin]

[they then jump over a small drop]

[Then a Deceptitrain fires]

[thge shot hits Kevin on her leg]

Kevin: [squawks in pain]

Skyla: Kevin!

[they land on the other while the Deceptitrains tumble into the stream below]

Brian: [panting]

Skyla: Kevin!

[Kevin tries to get up but falls to the ground]

Brian: [sighs heavily]

Zecora: [opens her saddlebag and takes out a potion and pours it on Kevin's leg, then she wraps it in a gauze bandage]

[then we hear Kevin's chicks calling out]

Kevin: [squaking]

[she then tries to get up but only falls back down]

Skyla: No, no, stay down, you're in no condition to walk, Kevin.

Flutttershy: We have to get her back to her home right away.

Brian: Yeah, but we better hurry!

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