This is where our heroes head for Dragony Land in Stardust: The Wish Creator.

[we view the bus driving down the road]

Marry: Stardust says he wants to go back to Dragony land?

Sweetie Belle: Yeah, that's what he said.

Marry: he wants to go home, back to where Father found him.

[we view a flashback]

Tinkerputt: Now with you Stardust. I will have my revenge on Team Dragon! [laughs]

[Back in the present]

Marry: Father was once a scientist for Team Dragon and they were doing experiment called: "project Alidragon"

Twilight: Alidragon?

Stephen: What's that?

Princess Luna: The Alidragon is a rare hybrid species of Alicorn and Dragon that is said to have many great powers.

Marry: Yes, and Team Dragon will stop at nothing to get it. Father tried to make them an Alidragon but failed.

Mitzi: What does Stardust has to do with all of this?

Marry: In order to power his machine, he need an energy source that's only available every 10 months.

Percy: 10 months?

Squidward: The comet!

Marry: Stardust can absorb the comet's power. Tinkerputt would use this energy by making and Alidragon, by draining all of it's power back to his body.

Pepper Clark: But that could seriously hurt him!

Marry: Yes.

Sweetie Belle: I don't believe it.

Hugs: Why is he doing this?

Marry: He wants revenge.

Button Mash: Then why doesn't he try to get revenge another way!?

Brian: How far away is Dracony land?

Marry: By car, it's a three day drive.

Brian: Then we have to protect Stardust for all we can!

Babs Seed: We can't let him hurt Stardust!

Mucker: Besides, Tinkerputt's being very foolish about this. Messing with Nature can lead to serious consequences.

Smudger: Good, I hope it means hurting Stardust.

Apple Bloom: You're just a bully to him, Smudger. You don't wanna be friends with him!

Smudger: Oh, if that's what you think? I guess I won't be your friend, or that magical equine's.


Smudger: [tearing up a little backs away]

Sir Handel: Smudger?

Smudger: Dukey. Everything is horrible, Stardust is driving me crazy and the CMC think they own me.

Duke: It's because you have to trust him.

Smudger: It's not gonna happen. Not for a million years!

Pinkie: So what do we do now?

Rodger: Head to Dragony land, like Stardust said.

Marry: Let's go.

[meanwhile, Tinkerputt is keeping location of the bus on radar and then he opens up a hanger and it reveals an airship.]

Tinkerputt: I trusted you, Marry. It's time!

[later, we see the bus driving along rough terrain]

[inside everyone is vibrating from the ride and outside, the tracking device falls off]

[then later, it is now night time and we see the comet in the sky]

Rarity: [closes the third panel] Night 3. [then sees Marry]

Marry: Oh, so what's everyone doing?

Rarity: Sleeping.

Marry: I see. Before father was turned. He always had a way to make me smile.


Tinkerputt: And he said no, but that's a real giant ski-mask!

[Everyone laughs]

[Back to the present]

Marry: My father was a comedian sometime ago.

Rarity: Like Pepper?

Marry: Yeah, but one day he was fired. So he became a magician. Then he joined Team Dragon.

Rarity: Oh my.

Marry: Yes, I just wanted everything back the way it was.

Rarity: Well, I hope that Tinkerputt will reconsider about this crazy scheme.

Marry: So do I.

[We Lucario watching them]

Stardust: [wakes up] Smudger, wake up.

Smudger: [groans] What do you want, you little guttersnipe?

Stardust: I'm gonna make you trust me.

Smudger: How?

Stardust: Eating fish.

Smudger: [laughs] You can't catch a fish with your...

[Stardust heads up to the riverside and then grabs a large fish with his teeth as "Forbidden Friendship" starts playing]

Smudger: Teeth.

Stardust: [flies to Smudger]

Smudger: What are you doing?

Stardust: [regurgitates out some of the fish]

Smudger: Yuck.

Stardust: [sits on his hunches and looks at Smudger]

Smudger: You want me to eat this?

Stardust: [nods]

Smudger: [gulps] Bottoms up. [eats it] Ugh! [weeshes steam] [chuckles nervously]

Stardust: [laughs]

Smudger: [laughs]

[Later we see Smudger drawing Stardust]

Stardust: Ah! [he then gets up and grabs a branch and starts drawing something in the sand]

[after Stardust finishes, we see he "drew" a picture of Smudger]

Smudger: Holly. [he then puffs forward and then is about to come onto one of the lines]

Stardust: Ah, ah!

Smudger: Huh? [puffs slowly]

Stardust: Ah, ah.

Smudger: [puffs slowly avoiding each of the lines and then comes alongside Stardust.]

Stardust: Well?

Smudger: [thinks for a moment]

Stardust: So?

Smudger: Stardust, I'm sorry. I was worried you might put a dark spell on my friends. But now, I see I was wrong.

Stardust: I forgive you. And I trust you and your fiends completely and I would never put a dark spell on any of you.

[later, we see the bus driving on and then it gets stuck in the mud]

[some of the team push on the back of the bus but when it tries to move, mud flies everywhere, covering them]

Everyone: [laughs]

[then that, night Rarity closes the fourth panel]

[at the same time, Rainbow is teaching Scootaloo to skip rocks]

Rainbow: It's all on the wrist, Squirt! [she throws her rock which makes 2 skips]

Scootaloo: Here goes. [throws her rock which makes 8 skips] I did it!

Stardust: Yippie!

Smudger: [blows his whistle]

Apple Bloom: Great job, Scoot!

Button Mash: Amazing!

Duke: You're in a good mood, Smudger.

Smudger: I guess I am!

Cat: Why?

Emily: What's going on?

Smudger: I now like Stardust.

Little Bear: That's great!

Duck: Yay!

Smudger: Stardust isn't so bad after all. He's actually the most amazing dragony I met.

Stardust: Smudger, I'm the only dragony you ever met. Intact, I feel like singing a song!

Oh, he doesn't smell like Irish Spring,

And he never taught me anything,

But still I slap my chest and sing...

Of My Drunken Irish pall.

Oh, his face looks like a railroad map,

And he never shuts his freakin' trap...

Duke: But all the ladies catch the clap

From your Drunken Irish pall.

Smudger: Ask a Hennessey, Tennessey, Morrison, Shaughnessy, Riordan, and Rooney...

They'll tell you the same

McNulty, Mulrooney, and Carter and Clooney

All feel the same mixture of pride and of shame.

Duke: Finnegan, Hannigan, Kelly, and Flanagan.

Look to the ground when their pall passes by

Cafferty, Rafferty, Joyce and O'Lafferty, fight for his honor and then start to cry!

(Dance sequence)

Both: Oh, we Irish lads are all infirm,

And our moods infect us like a germ

'Cause we're all the spawn of a pickled buffer...

Duke: And we don't tan well either.

All: ...From a Drunken Irish Pal!!

[Rarity smiles]

[the bus continues on to Dragony land]

Stardust: [chuckles]

Sweetie Belle: [sadly moans]

[later, they make another stop as it's night time again and Rarity then closes the fifth panel]

Rarity: 2 more nights.

Sweetie Belle: Rarity, please stop that!

Apple Bloom: Just stop countin' the days!

[they race for the river side as Brian follows]

Rarity: Sorry.

[the Crusaders are now sitting by the riverside, sad.]

Brian: Hey, Crusaders. What's up?

Scootaloo: We only have a few days left with Stardust.

Brian: That's not true, he'll live with you forever.

Sweetie Belle: It's not that, it's just that... [tears up] Stardust is like a brother we never had.

Apple Bloom: Ah' might have an older brother, but I ain't had a brother like Stardust before!

Scootaloo: Nor have I. And the fact he's part dragon, it's makes it all the more painful to lost him.

Brian: But guys, even if Stardust leaves, a part of him will always be with you no matter what.

Sweetie Belle: Really?

Brian: Yes. I know it for a fact.

Apple Bloom: How so?

Brian: When Frodo and Gandalf left Middle Earth, it's like that. They may have left but a part of them stayed behind. And the same applies to friends, including best friends.

Sweetie Belle: [wipes a tear away] Thanks, Brian.

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