Here is the scene of Heading to Las Vegas in Ash and Serena's Great Adventure it's where Ash, Serena, and the heroes are in Las Vegas, Nevada.

(In the Gummi Ship. The heroes are checking the radar to find where the next piece of the heart jewel)

Serena: Where can we find the next heart jewel?

Tails: According the radar it's in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Tino Tonitini: Las Vegas!?

Sunset Shimmer: I love Las Vegas!

Phoebe Teresse: Me too. I just love the bright lights and hotels.

Eddy: Not to mention, the Casinos! You get big money if you win those. (He becomes a dollar)

Clemont: Uh, I think you forgot one thing Eddy. Kids are not allowed in Casinos.

Dorothy Ann: Yeah, We must be 18 or older to be in the casinos.

Eddy: What a load of Bologna!

Ash Ketchum: But being in Las Vegas will be fun.

Serena: And it will be our best date, Ash.

Inuyasha: Yeah, but you kids are young, while we're bigger than you.

Agumon: What are we suppose to do?

Zoe Drake: Yeah, we're not suppose to be in Casinos because we're too young.

Benson: That's okay. We are adults will go in casinos. While you guys have fun.

Tai Kamiya: I have to agree with her. If we hang around here guys, we'll never get the third piece of the heart jewel.

Sora: Tai's right.

Ralphie Tenelli: Well, let's just find that third piece.



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